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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, February 7, 2011

I Got Paddled

I woke up horny and needing a paddling. Bacall said she was only too happy to help me out. I suggested she wear a panty girdle. She resisted, as she somehow seems to get paddled when she wears one. I promised her that today she would be paddle free. So she though we should both wear one. She wore white and I wore beige. We were a handsome couple.

She wanted to wait for an hour or so and let me think about the paddling and she thought having on the panty girdle would stimulate my thoughts. She knows me so well.

We cuddled for sometime talking about it, while I rubbed her girdled bottom. It my fetish, OK?

When the time came, the panty girdle came off and she laid the licks on full force. She told me quality was better then quantity. I was also admonished to stay in position. If I got out of position, she would add more licks. I stayed in position.

My bottom was throbbing and she was smiling. It was fun for both of us.

This guy seems to have a few tears. I didn’t. But Bacall just might have stoked me a little.




  1. Hi there. Sounds like a fun start to the day. I suggested to my partner that I might be allowed to wear a girdle for a caning but she resisted. Said it was too far down the road of feminine clothes for her taste.
    We did have a bit of a knicker weekend however. We had to buy some household stuff in a department store and decided to have lunch there in the snack bar. The entry to the cafĂ© was through the lingerie section (no doubt designed along the lines of candy at the supermarket checkouts) and she picked up and put down a few items as we made our past the racks of bras and pants. I was halfway into my meal when she said “I might buy some new undies today and maybe something special for you.” I looked around hastily in case someone might have overheard and she commented that she seemed to have got my full attention all of a sudden. When we had paid I followed her into the sea of pink, blue and cream lace and stood patiently whilst she looked at the racks and placed her selection in the basket. After fifteen minutes or so she summoned me over to the “support” racks and showed me a number of different knickers before she chose a black high cut pair that had a large front panel but only a strip of fabric going up the back. She commented that these would hold me in nicely around my tummy but leave the other areas clear. Looking down at my jeans she expressed pleasant surprise at the bulge that had appeared there. Handing me the basket she told me to go off and pay for the items and meet me in the beauty products section. I stood in the line of women trying to look nonchalant as we edged forward to the check out desk. The till person, a pleasant woman in her thirties, had a helper, obviously a Saturday girl, whose job was to remove the clothing from the basket and pass it to the cashier. The check out lady read the size out as a confirmation to me that I had made the right choice and rang up the barcode. All the bras and knickers went through as 34 C and 10 until she came to the black pair. When she looked up at me and read out 18 ? I mumbled something like, that’s correct, and stared at a spot on the wall not wishing to meet her eyes. I was relieved to walk away from the Pay Here counter and rejoin my wife. I am sure that there were some giggles as I left, when the woman probably shared her thoughts with the helper.
    I was told the wear the knickers that evening when we were going out with friends for a meal and I spent quite an uncomfortable time experiencing the “cheese wire” effect between my cheeks. One of the females in the group did ask if I had lost weight however, so that was bonus. Once we were back home I was sent to find the cane and thrashed fairly hard in the sitting room in the traditional “touch your toes” manner with my trousers round my ankles and my bottom exposed in the knickers. After the caning, when I got two extra for moving, I went on to my knees in front of my wife and gave her what she was looking for with my lips before we made our way upstairs. A good night was had by all and I think that the “gripper knickers” might be worn again fairly soon.

  2. PS - have you seen Sexuelle today? Nice plaid skirt on offer.

  3. A perfect start to the day for you both.



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