Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, February 21, 2011

Home Movies

We continue cleaning, painting and tossing out stuff. We found a trove of VHS spanking tapes a few weeks ago. I offered them here for the cost of mailing. No takers. Yesterday, I found a VHS spanking tape of us.

We were early adopters of video cams and this tape shows us in our young and fit bodies captured during several play sessions. Damn we looked good. Bacall is over my knee in one scene, while I am getting my bottom toasted in all the others. I had no idea we did so much OTK in the old days. What a surprise.

It’s fun to look at the smile on her face as she puts the wood to me. And her lingerie. Oh la la. Hot!

Oh my, the camera keeps running after the paddling is over. The two backed beast is caught on camera.

Too bad everyone dumped their VHS players and can not see this. Nyah-Nyah


Simulation of our old spanking days

I never had white shoes, but she sure had the lingerie - garter belt and hose.


  1. What fun to find an old VHS tape of your spankings. Your lucky you still had a VHS player to play it, we through out all our tapes when ours broke except one of our son's 3rd birthday party :)


  2. Well... not exactly everyone there Bogey.

    I've kept mine, purely for the sake of all those old Disney tapes and vacation movies we're saving for the grandkids of course... ... ...

  3. I'm thinking that a bid on used VHS player on eBay could be wise on my part? ;)

  4. Guys:

    If you still have the tapes I will take them I have a player. Ed


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