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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, February 25, 2011

Extreme Switching

I titled this Ultimate Switching and scheduled it for posting. The posting time came and went. Trying to get it posted by changing the title.

I saw this picture on Kaelah’s Blog. It reminded me that it’s been a LONG time since Bacall and I traded licks in this manner.


Becall and I have on a few occasions stripped down for action each with a paddle in hand and swapped licks. Bacall gets competitive and takes more and harder licks this way.

BTW, I think Kaelah’s Blog represents the best in thoughtful discussion of spanking.

Have a good weekend. Perhaps some original pictures next week?


  1. Have a good weekend as well, Bacall and Bogey! Actually, Ludwig and I never really tried to swap licks and posing for that picture already showed how difficult it is to find a good position for that purpose. I think this could be referred to as "69 for spankos"... ;-) And I can definitely relate to Bacall's competitiveness, I'm sure I would react similarly!

  2. That's fascinating! I'm glad Kaelah explained how difficult it was to pose that way. Sort of like stand up Twister.


  3. Must just be me being miserable, as this pic. missed by a mile for me?
    Swaping swats in principle remains high on my list however.

  4. @ Joe:
    This wasn't supposed to be a sexy picture, it's just a fun photo Ludwig and I used for a post about switching and couples who are switching. Maybe that explains why it doesn't work for you, it's neither meant to be sexy nor to illustrate a position which works for real!


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