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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Wet Dewdrop From Her Jade Gate On My Pants

Long ago in a far distant universe, Bacall and I were with another spanking couple engaged in some casual spanking before dinner. We were all on the same bed. Bacall was OTK of the other man and his companion was over my lap.

I had on light gray dress slacks. That’s important. When the lass got off my lap the outline of her jade gate was perfectly imprinted on the leg of my slacks. Of course her friend saw it. And being the jealous type he was infuriated that she got turned on being spanked by a male switch. In his world male switches were as low on the pole as you could get. But, we did not know that at the time.


He started to take out his fury on Bacall’s bottom, but she put a stop to that right away. Bacall is not any more submissive than I am. He found his solace in two double Jack Daniels before dinner.

Maybe I should have saved the slacks like Monica saved her dress. But what museum? The Spanking Hall of Shame?

If there is a moral here, perhaps it’s to not wear light colored slacks to parties.


  1. What an interesting story. And while we haven't done much 'sharing' of spankings with other couples (we hope that changes), the last time Cora paddled a visiting friend, after he left I was able to take advantage of her 'aroused' condition. I loved it (and I know she did too!).

  2. I do like the idea of you sharing your spanking partners among trusted friends.

    To find yourself in the situation that you did, were one got 'aroused' over another's knee must be considered to be one of those 'dangers' of playing with someone else.

    I imagine for a spankee to enjoy being spanked by someone else other that their partner to be a troublesome thing?

    Interesting poat guys!!



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