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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, January 21, 2011

Strange Partners


All of the male readers of this Blog enjoy being spanked by women. How about the woman above? Would you bend over the bed for her? Certainly attractive enough. She should appeal to girdle and hose fans. Her bullet bra should bring back some memories for those old enough to recall the fashions of the 60’s. How about her eyeglasses? Your comment is solicited.

Some want a Domme. This one has lots of toys.


Would you go over her lap? Perhaps her little dog would lick you in aftercare.

My preference? I would love to play with #1 and see what she is all about. I would pass on #2.


  1. Hi
    I have to agree. Number 2 is not my cup of tea. I can certainly picture myself lowering my trousers and bending over that bed for 24 strokes of the paddle from Ms Strict in the white underwear.
    Happy Days
    Michael M

  2. I also agree with you, I would love to submit to #1, and #2 offers no interest what so ever.


  3. Hi

    The first body position would be the nicer one for me
    I fantasize often from a punishment who I bend over naked and tided over a trestle (or bed? It is good) for receiving a through beating from girls.
    I would like it the best if Ms Strict would beat me dressing in police or guard uniform. The glasses irrelevant but her calmly smiling countenance is more important when a faint sneer of satisfaction crossed her face.


    22. januar 2011

  4. From the visible tips of the College Pennants on the wall, to her Lisa Loeb eyewear, I say count me in!
    Would hope the paddle is not 1/2", but as it would be my first, would be open to...
    Her entire look rates an A+!
    As for the second "Gal" and her little dog too...
    Pain may be a universal language, but in plain old English, my reply is PASS!

  5. Well, I love the idea of a Girdled woman holding a paddle. Especially if its me who will be the object of that paddle.

    However, she doesn't have to be wearing a girdle to get my interest. I would be interested in what it would be like to experience the paddle from Lady #2, too.

    (With permission from Cora, of course!)

    Great post.


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