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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This is my memory of something that happened before I met Bacall. It may or may not be all that accurate, it is embellished, but it is the way I choose to recall it at this distance.

I've spanked over 100 different gals in my life and I like to believe I gave as much pleasure as I received. Many of spanking incidents in my life were a prelude to sex. Most, especially when I was younger, led to fondling and making out. Sometimes, the spanking was for pure punishment, earned and asked for...but the one common thread was that they were all exciting.

This was in 1968. I was attending an urban college and casually dating Marlene. A tall girl, almost 6' tall. I am 6’4” so her legs were a big deal to me. We'd been dating a month or so when this happened.

It was her 22th birthday the previous week. She asked me to lunch with her parents at their country club. During the meal, I leaned over and told Marlene that I was going to spank her bottom for her birthday. She giggled and blushed at the same time, and I felt a wonderful erection start. She whispered to me that I didn't have the guts to spank her, "Marlene", I said, "For that dare, I am not only going to spank you, I'm going to turn you over my knee, pull down your panties, and spank you on your bare behind" (All this was whispered. Part of what has always turned me on has been to verbalize what I'm going to do).

The effect of that sentence on Marlene was exactly what I was hoping for. She turned red, smiled and became very flustered. I think her parents noticed it because they asked what we were laughing about, we said just some private joke...and from that point on, whenever Marlene had the opportunity of touching my hand, or my arm or whatever, she took it. She was obviously as much turned on about my promise as I was.

After we left the clubhouse, we got into my car, and immediately began kissing. I was fondling her, lifting her skirt, stroking her thru her panties, just getting hotter and hotter in the car. What stopped us was another couple getting into their car next to us.

We drove to her apartment. She sat close to me in the car, and was fondling me as we drove. I, laughingly, told her to stop, that it was dangerous, and she stuck her tongue out at me. "Marlene, I am really going to paddle you when we get to your place... now move over to your side of the car". "Make me!" she retorted. "OK, you asked for this". I parked on the side of the road, took her arm and, moving to the center of the front seat, I pulled her over my lap. Wrapping my left arm around her waist, lifting her dress, I saw the classic turn on, still my favorite... a white garter belt holding up stockings and a white silky pair of panties. Damn, I nearly climaxed at that moment.

lingerie garterbelt02

I said whatever was appropriate to say, like, "OK young lady, you are getting what you deserve"..and I began spanking the seat of her panties. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, probably going way too fast, but smacking her bottom a good ten or fifteen times. After I was finished, I held her there and ran my fingers up and down caressing that beautiful ass, down they went between her legs..(she was still over my lap).. she opened her legs, and began grinding herself against my hand. (I know, I know..this is a spanking story..but I am enjoying this part). I stroked her through her panties until she came. It probably took her 45 seconds. We kissed and drove to her apartment.

We immediately went into her room. Laying next to each other on the bed, I was rock hard and ready to fuck her...and this delightful girl, says with a wonderful little-girl pout.. "aren't you going to give me my birthday spanking?" Sitting myself in the classic spanking position...rolling up my sleeves before positioning myself on the edge of the bed, moving her around to my right side.. "Marlene, lift your skirt up" She pulled in all the way up and just stood there like that.. I lowered her over my lap, and held her firmly in place.

"Marlene, before I give you your birthday spanking, I am going to continue the punishment I was giving you in the car. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, one cheek, then the other. Smacking away at her plump little behind, through those panties. I probably spanked her 30 or so times.

Marlene SMACK... You SMACK are SMACK a SMACK bad SMACK girl SMACK..for SMACK fondling SMACK my SMACK cock SMACK while SMACK I SMACK was SMACK driving...SMACK SMACK SMACK. I was really enjoying spanking her as I lectured her..and she obviously was very very much into it also..ouching each time, but raising her ass up to meet my hand time each time.."I'm sorry, I won't play with your cock any more", she said with a smile, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK...what a nice spanking.

I finished spanking her and she immediately jumped up off my lap and began rubbing her bottom. She asked me if she could take a break before her birthday spanking. "Take off your stockings first", I said. She sat down on the bed next to me and removed her stockings. "I'll take those", I said. She handed me the stockings and started off toward the kitchenette. "And your panties too". She smiled, reached under her dress and handed me her white panties.

She came back and we kissed on the bed, but we both knew that before we made love she was going to be spanked again. "Please, my poor behind is very sore now, can you please put off my birthday spanking till later"

"Not a chance, Marlene". I took her by the hand, went out to the living room, sat down on the couch and had her drape herself over my knee. Lifting her dress, looking at that beautiful pinkish red rear end, I began slowly spanking her. SMACK, and then a nice squeeze of her ass cheek, SMACK, squeezing the right cheek, SMACK, the left cheek, SMACK, 22 good hard smacks.

After finishing all 22 smacks, after pleasuring her while she was still over my lap, we went to bed together. Nothing sensational, truth be told, I was so close to climaxing that I may have only taken 30 seconds before I exploded inside her.

We got better with time. While I would not care to trade  Bacall, I wonder what happened to Marlene? Oh well, the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there.


  1. Hi
    What a memory for detail you have.
    I am surprised that Becall lets you remember this event, let alone record it for posterity on your blog.
    I am sure Marlene will be in touch soon - if she liked that spanking as much you say then I am sure she will be somewhere in the spanking blogosphere.
    Michael M

  2. Michael, We don't have jealousy in our relationship. And since this was BB, why should she care???

  3. Bogey and Bacall, I like the photo of the naughty lady, whose bare bottom we see, wearing white garter-belt and stockings. Most erotic. And certainly most spankable.


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