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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Long, Long Winter

For Bogey & myself, it has already been a long winter and there are still two months to go.  We have been working hard to get our home maintained and it has been stressful.  Then on top of that I had the flu and he had a bad cold.  I'm telling you we haven't been having a lot of fun so far this year.  Thank goodness things changed today.  One of the things that turns me on is sexual tension - I like to let it build for a day and anticipate what will happen.  Last night I had a dream about having sex with Bogey.  When we had coffee this morning, I told him about my dream.  It was wonderful because he had a dream about having sex also.  That turned me on.

While I was out of the room, he got the batten that we use for a thigh fry and put it in my chair.  I think the thing has a magnet in it, because I cannot take my eyes off of it. That's my turn-on and he did not need to say a word.  When I got dressed for the morning chores, I chose to dress on the slutty side and it was noticed. I kept telling him about the tingle I was having.  Finally I said that I did not think I could continue working until he took care of this "problem". 

He was only too happy to help me.  We went into the bedroom, I took off my clothes, except for my new bra and panties.  He made me lie on the bed and he proceeded to apply the batten.  I can't help it, but each slap with the batten increases the tingle.  Next, he used the red paddle.  That is one he made and probably our oldest and favorite.  After several pops, I asked for two additional pops, which again he was happy to accommodate me.

He then applied our vibrator and I must admit I have been relaxed, happy and content all day.  My energy increased greatly and I have been working all day.  It has been a wonderful day!


You are welcome dear. My pleasure. I always enjoy being gleefully sadistic to you.


  1. Bacall - we hear from you all too seldom. That was a great winter's tale.


  2. Sounds like the perfect morning. I thought the same as Hermione, we seldom hear from you so more please :)

    Thanks for sharing.



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