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Thursday, January 6, 2011


A hundred years ago when we were newly weds acquiring our first of everything, including play toys; Bacall bought several hairbrushes. The first few were duds. Those that we found were encased in plastic which made in-store evaluation impossible. One was hollow and had no sting. She finally found one, it was excellent for the purpose. Too excellent according to her and was banned. She has used it on me a few times and I agree it’s a whole lot of sting. No wonder it’s fav of Mother everywhere.


An Oldie, but Goodie. Mary Janes, knee socks, and kneeling in the corner. That hairbrush looks really mean.

She has a hairbrush that was a gift to her when she was a teen. It’s made of some sort of heavy plastic. It’s has a lot more thud than sting, but we used it from time-to-time when our daughter was around as it makes no noise.

I know that hairbrushes are the fav implement of men and women; but they never got into our top five.


I like this picture, but the hairbrush looks tame

I am a fan of wood paddles. Bacall likes belts, leather straps, leather paddles, crops, floggers and wood paddles. And we both like our batten on the legs.


  1. That hairbrush certainly looks mean. I would say were the same. I don't think the hairbrush would be in our top 5 of spanking toys.


  2. Ah, the ubiquitous hairbrush! For us, it epitomizes female authority. When Nu-West was still selling implements, I purchased one of their hairbrushes. Its similar to those seen in many of their videos and pictures and packs quite a wallop. I must admit that I love it when Cora uses it on me.

  3. Sting is good (also excellent music... just couldn't resist) Plastic hairbrushes are mostly a waste of time.
    love the photos

  4. Hi
    Hairbrushes are an important part of my wife’s armoury although they are most often used in travel spanking rather than for the maintenance or disciplinary sessions here at home. She has two meaningful brushes. One is the classic Kent wood backed brush and the other is a blue “plastic” one. In the latter case, I think it is more of an acrylic resin than a plastic. It delivers a smack which is two or three times more painful than the wood brush. I agree that the usual plastic brush is ineffective at smacking but this blue one that she found is a serious smacker and it is indestructible. Thirty or more with the blue hairbrush leaves me very sore and extremely red. I enjoy the hairbrush spankings because they are usually OTK and her arm never seems to tire.
    Have a great weekend.
    Michael M

  5. Big surprise (NOT), but the top pic. will be in my top 5 until the day I die. Nu-West got that shot and all that it implies perfect as far as I am concerned.
    The second imgage too is nice, but represents a different "mood".
    I have posted about my affection for paddles Ad nauseam here but...
    Hairbrushes have to be just right to garner my praise.
    Don't like the bludgeoning effect of overly aggressive "wood".
    With that being said however...
    That Nu-West hairbrush was put to excellent use, by an adroit implementer! "The right tools make the job easier". Or for me, much more fun! ;)

  6. I once found a wooden backed brush with a plastic handle at Big Lot's for only $3 that just screamed spanking. I think I actually blushed when I bought it, like the cashier had any idea it wasn't for my hair. It was heavy and sturdy and I obsessed over it until I finally asked a 'Mommy' friend to come over and left it on the coffee table. OMG! Only time ever I screamed and begged for real. It was a couple of years ago now, and I'm still afraid of it, but I did, of course, keep it.


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