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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Twelve Days of Christmas

We have a Christmas tradition of paddling each other every day during the Twelve Days. These are short fun paddling's that get the juices flowing and sometimes led to extended events.

The stockings are hung with care and our Christmas paddle also hangs from the mantle. Let me assure you that with moderate strokes it packs enough sting for us.P1130108

We have been rehearsing with it the last week or so and today we will begin our Twelve Day program.P1130110

So what are you doing for the Twelve Days?


  1. A lovely tradition. We tried doing that but just didn't work. I think I'll have to suggest it to P again :)

    What a great paddle. May I ask where you got it from?


  2. Well, we have an Advent calendar, but that isn't nearly as much fun.

    I wouldn't be know-it-all Hermione if I didn't tell you that the official twelve days of Christmas are from Dec 25 to Jan 6. So you've got lots of spanks ahead of you.


  3. Hi again
    Looks like you two are off to a warming start to the festive season.
    Our run up to Christmas begins with the routine of tree decoration and card writing and a drinks party. The second Sunday of December is also the day that I start to get maintenance spankings to keep me cheerful at Christmas and the number of days remaining to Christmas play a part in the proceedings. I used to be grumpy and full of humbug when it came to family gatherings at Christmas, but no longer. Now that I am a declared submissive a sense of Christmas jollytude is spanked, paddled and caned into me. I have to write the name of an instrument on twelve pieces of paper and fold these up tightly. I then place them in a small cardboard box in my wife's chest of drawers. Each morning from the Sunday onwards she takes one slip of paper out and tells me what is written on it. At any time during the day or evening I will get the nod from her and go upstairs to strip off below the waist and bend over the bed, with the said instrument placed close by. My wife then arrives and gives me the number of strokes according to the date - 14th , 15th ,16th and so on. I am sure you get the jist of this wicked scheme.
    If a day has to be missed because the house has other occupants or time is short, then that day’s strokes are added on to the tally of the next day. You can imagine the heat in my cheeks if we miss two days close to Christmas Day. The Christmas Day treatment itself is generally engineered by getting the guests or visiting children to go for a long walk in the morning. They think we need some quiet time to get organised and so we do but in a way that would surprise them if they returned too quickly.
    By Christmas lunch I am the happiest, jolliest Christmas soul on the planet, with a well spanked and caned bottom trimmed with red lines.
    Ho, ho ,ho.
    Seasons Spankings
    Michael M.


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