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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things I Don’t Understand

I have reached an age where erections don’t happen like they did when I was on the other side of 35. I need some stimulation. Paddling Bacall never fails, not does Bacall paddling me. But, the days of getting hard on a whim or getting hard more than once a day is a distant memory.

We all tend to see things as who we are. I see spanking and fun and sexy. So through my glasses, there is a lot in the spanking world that I will never understand.

Given that I have always viewed that sex is not something to be put off and every that every opportunity missed is wasted, it’s really difficult for me to relate to men who want to be locked up in a penis cage and denied orgasm except on rare occasions. But, what the hey, it’s their life. I just wish I could have the orgasms they are tossing away. I hear about carbon credits, I would like to buy a gross of orgasm credits from those who don’t want them.

I do not get men who want to have their erection spanked away. Don’t understand a woman who wants to spank one away either. I can understand those who want to be spanked as punishment not wanting an erection during the spanking as that’s prima facie evidence that the spanking is enjoyable. But, otherwise, it is lost on me.

I asked why anyone would want their erection spanked away on another blog and got this reply spanking is a plateau above sex. I can not fathom that.

I have known some women who desired to behave like a three year old. Yes, full blown temper tantrums. They want to be punished like an impudent, petulant child. No half measures either, you had to work up a sweat in punishing them or the tantrum would continue. Something was missing in their lives. They had a fanatical need to be cared for and to be held accountable. I did not understand it then, even less so now.

Humans are weird and wonderful lot. I want to be a dog in my next life.




  1. Sorry, I can't help you. I don't understand the concept either.

    About being a dog in your next life, what breed would you choose?


  2. Beats me, were all different. Why a dog?


  3. Hi
    Like you, strong erections are now a memory so having one spanked away would be pleasurable if only to signify that I had one in the first place. More and more my mind turns to Viagra but my wife will not let me experiment on health grounds (or maybe she does not want our doctor to know, as we are family friends). I still get a kick out of being spanked but not getting an aroused before, during or after is a real bummer.
    I would come back as human spanko now that the internet has been invented-it is so much easier to get spanking satisfaction as a young person than it was in the Seventies.
    Best wishes
    Michael M (another Michael has popped up in the spanking comments on other blogs)

  4. Bogie;
    If you exercise, keep a reasonable weight and BMI, then your sex drive should stay really good. If an erection only happens once a day, maybe you should see a doctor just in case a problem exists.

    I also cannot understand denial of orgasm, and anything that goes with that scenario. However, if it works for those people, so be it.

    I can't even remember the otherside of 45, so maybe you are a lot younger than me.

    An erection disappearing during a spanking is fine with me, as long as afterwards, whether immediately or later in the day, Cindy and I make love.

  5. I'm 37, erections are still fine and otherwise I'm with you.
    I don't like the concept of denied orgasm and during a spanking my hard-on unfortunately vanishes which is (as far as I know) pretty normal.

    But I really like to have sex afterwards :-)

  6. Why is it that the majority of male spankees (at least the ones that blog) are old men? If we did a distribution of ages of male spankees, my guess is that it would peak somewhere over fifty. I don't understand that. Young men are missing out on something here.
    I would be happy to see the young side of sixty, and yes erections are rare during a spanking. I remember during one of the first spankings C gave me I maintained an erection through the entire thing. "Did I hurt you?" C asked. "Not really," I said as I got off her lap with my flag flying at full staff. Doesn't happen anymore though, even when I pump full of Viagra (Oh, and Michael,you can get Viagra anywhere, even online, although it is expensive. Go to any doctor or health clinic. The little embarrassment is worth it). C is much less tentative about spanking me, and if I have the hint of an erection it is certainly gone by the end of the spanking. I sort of do understand that.
    I have also puzzled about this chastity thing. C never denies me an orgasm, whether through intercourse, or masturbation. I would never want one of those CB things. However, I could see a little bit of excitement in the following:
    Going to bed, C to tired to make love:"Would you help me have an orgasm, C?"
    "No, you can't have an orgasm tonight, and if you masturbate while I'm asleep, and you wake me up or I find out about it you will get a spanking!"
    That kind of turns me on. Maybe I could use just a little bit of denial or control.

    I think in my next life I would be a Springer or a German Short Haired Pointer. Springer, Pointer, get it?



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