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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spanking Tastes

Bonnie posed the question: have your spanking tastes changed over time and in particular, are there activities that were once disliked, but are now a regular part of the repertoire. I really could not come up with an answer that was on target in time. I still have have not, but wanted to describe my thoughts as best as I could.

Paddling was a major fascination for me as an adolescent, but it was not something I wanted to happen to me. So my spanking tastes did change from not wanting to be paddled to enjoying the burn that wood gives. I still want paddlings to happen to others with me fully behind them. <grin> So in that sense I did not change.

The way I wanted to be paddled also changed. At first, wanted to be paddled over my pants, then underwear and finally bare bottom. Somewhere along the way, I changed to only wanting to be paddled bare bottom with no warm up.

Paddling in school was imposed as punishment and I did not want to be punished. As an adult, punishment is not part of my fantasies. So my taste there did not change.

After over three decades, my frame of reference remains rooted in being paddled by a school teacher. Bacall plays this role to my perfection. A woman I knew many years ago was self-proclaimed as knowing all about BDSM. She chided me that as I came to understand the scene, my interests would expand. Well, Donna Morefield, another decade has passed and my taste are the same. I guess I am just a dull, un-imaginative fellow.

As a kid, I got the paddle at school and the switch at home. My fear of switches and canes lasted until middle age when a woman convinced me to take some cane strokes on my legs. I did. It was not so bad. My mind chewed on that for a few weeks and I found I wanted the cane, ruler, batten on my legs. That event ushered in Bacall’s love affair with the batten on her legs. Both of those events were big changes.


Bacall’s tastes have changed. In the beginning, she hated wood paddles. She found and liked leather paddles. After some more time, she decided there were some wood paddles that she enjoys.

Her fantasies surrounding spanking are rooted in force fantasies. She likes to be assured that she must take her spanking, that she has no choice. From there, her fertile mind takes over and she can take herself to many places.

The End

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  1. Thanks for sharing that. It was very interesting to see that while some things changed, others remained constant.

    I think it is quite natural to fear what we have not experienced, and as we develop and enrich our spanking experiences, more things take on an appeal they would not have had previously.


  2. What a totally great, insightful question by Bonnie! Loved your answer, all the facets!!
    Although I'm starting in spanking now, it applies to soo many sexual-related things...

  3. Coming from someone who has only given spankings; more often than not the gal who "had no choice", was often, if not always, the preferred or inevitable scenario.
    As for that "fertile mind"...
    The abililty for spanking to remain unique every time despite the appearance of what could be deemed routine, is largely based upon the insatiable sexual & psychological appetite it creates the moment a bottom is presented.
    For me anyway... :0)
    A good question, and very good post.


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