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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, December 27, 2010

Setting Up a Blog ID

I am not going to write a detailed how-to on setting up a identity to use when posting comments to Blogs. I would not want to insult your intelligence. It’s easy and no one is going to know who the heck you are by doing it. If you think otherwise, well there is no way I could assure you.

This is an outline getting a Blog ID for Blogspot, where you are reading this. You need a Gmail email address. That’s easy enough to get. Then on any Blogspot Blog you will see on the right a link ‘ Create Blog’. Select it and enter the requested info.

While you are setting up a Blog, you do not ever need to Blog anything, you will have a Blog ID that you can use for posting comments. And please do select some picture of something to personalize it.

Who will be the first to do it?


  1. I guess it must be frustrating to get anonymous comments when you have taken the trouble to blog.
    Have a good Christmas break. I have done my utmost to get a spanking over the holiday but to no avail. I think the Household Discipline might be over.
    I added the image at your request - nice pair of Xmas legs to be lying over. I will change it after the Holiday to a more suitable one fora male correspondent.

  2. Thanks for all your posts! Love getting further into this scene, and your ideas and encouragement by example. Hmm, must consider a pic, huh? :)


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