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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, December 27, 2010

Anonymous Posts

I wonder what’s behind anonymous posts? Are they just a tad lazy to set up a Blog ID? Do they imagine someone will be able to find out who they are? I wonder. Sometimes, I would like to ask a question about something an anonymous poster said. But, I can’t.

Of course, Bogey and Bacall are not our real names. At one time, we were more open with our identities. We have met hundreds of spanking enthusiasts. We have been to their homes, met their kids and they have been to our home. We decided to cloak a bit to keep our grandkids from getting a surprise. And that’s why we use Bogey and Bacall here. That said, a few readers of this Blog know our real names, where we live and one, bless him, sends Bacall wine.


I see we are up to 75 followers. No where near the number that the better Blogs have. But, this Blog is primarily for me to better understand our own spanking interests. When I write, I focus and reflect on what’s really important to us. Another thing I try to accomplish is to promote erotic spanking between couples. As it says at the top of this page:

We don't spank for punishment or discipline or any reason other than to supercharge sex. Getting our bottoms toasted sexually arouses us.

Many blog entries will be about Bacall paddling me, as I feel F/M play is a topic that is not written about enough, except in fantasy or punishment terms.

I, we, will try to remain true to that theme. 

Our best to all of you, regular or occasional readers. Those that post with Blog ID’s and anonymously.

PS, We found the Bogey and Bacall version of the The Big Sleep last week. The plot is far too complicated, but it was a treat for me to see Bacall in a pencil skirt.


  1. I think that some people do find it onerous to have to create a Google or Blogger profile, especially if they don't have a blog. It took me a while to figure out how to do it.

    The fear of being outed is very real to many. I lurked on Yahoo groups for a time, reading the archived posts of public groups, never daring to actually join a group. It's just too big a risk for some. I had to work hard at building a second, private identity. We aren't all as brave as you two are!


  2. I asked myself a similar question many times, Bogey! I can understand if someone doesn't want to create a profile, but Ludwig and I also have a Name/URL option in the comment section, just like you do. I tried to explain several times that one doesn't need a URL for that option and can simply use a random nickname under which the comment will be posted. At least that would give us the chance to distinguish new from recurring commenters and to refer to them as „Commenter ABC“ instead of „Anonymous1“, „Anonymous 2“ and so on. But it seems that many people still think that they need a URL for that option or that it might be somehow dangerous to use a nickname...

    Ludwig and I watched „The Big Sleep“ a few weeks ago, being inspired by the nicknames the two of you have chosen! We watched the original English language version. You can imagine how difficult it was for me, not being a native speaker, to get the storyline. Luckily, Ludwig had seen the film more than once before and I could ask him about all the things I didn't understand... Hope you had a wonderful Christmas time!

    By the way, Ludwig and I published a spanking clip on our side as a Christmas present for our readers. It's about our history as a spanking couple and contains a lot of conversation as well as a handspanking. Maybe you want to check it out? I think you might like it! :-)


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