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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, November 12, 2010


When I was coming of age, girdles were worn by "proper young ladies". Dates were always well dressed in those days and that included a proper foundation. More than one date candidly admitted that multiple under-layers were prescribed by their mothers to hinder hands from gaining access to bare skin. I guess the reasoning was that by the time the boy got all the layers off, it would be curfew and their daughters would remain chaste. It had some the desired effect, but we usually managed to get it all off and back on without turning anything inside out or violating curfew.

How many layers? Skirt, slip, maybe a camisole, girdle and panties. More than enough to confuse a young lad.

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Reminiscing About My Wasted Youth

I gave many spankings over girdles, but these were not spankings that I thought about before hand. The gal would do something to "earn" a spanking and I would spank her. Of course, after baring her girdled bottom for the spanking, I would be half-way home to my real interest after the spanking. Somehow, it was OK to pull up skirts and slips to give a spanking. It was another deal to just pull them up to make out. But once the skirt was up, then it was OK to go farther. I wonder how many of my dates actively provoked me to spank them? I am wagering all of them.

This post sounded familiar to me, so I checked the Blog and sure enough I wrote about this a year ago. Panty Daze. Well I only have one set of memories from my wasted youth.


  1. I have always enjoyed a naughty woman in girdles, with stockings attached to their garter-straps. For me, pure sexual erotisism. That girdle shaped their bottoms. And upon removing this sexuallly exciting undergarment, spank their voluptous bare bottoms. Thank you Our Bottoms Burn, thank you also for a nice blog.

  2. I love foundations. I find them incredibly sexy.

    There is something to be said for bare skin but pulling off nice girdles, garters, stocking and all is like unwrapping a present.

    I will agree your dates did want a spanking!

  3. Girdles and spanking. They definitely go together well. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I too, remember how erotic it was to 'make out' with a young lady in a skirt, panty girdle and stockings held up with 'real' garters.


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