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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Men Wearing Panties

The topic title should be explicit enough to send those uncomfortable with the subject to sites they are more comfortable with. And no worries about pictures of me in panties to complement this post. <smile>

The objects that humans find erotic is endless – some get off on lighting fires, other enjoy wearing wet blue jeans. Besides spanking, my fetish is limited to women’s panties.

Consensual Spanking wrote Occasionally, I will wear panties, simply as a way of charging up the eroticism of the evening. Since I have admitted I share the fetish I thought I would expand on the subject and invite both of our readers to share their thoughts.

Like spanking, I have no idea where my desire to wear panties came from. I was 20-something when I first did it. They felt good, much better than male underwear. I enjoyed rubbing myself through the smooth nylon. This I recall, I felt both naughty and aroused doing it. Still do. Since Bacall and I do not keep secrets, I showed her what I was wearing. It was fine with her – as long as I did not wear frilly ones. Since I had no desire for those, we have both been comfortable with my fetish since then.

Some men like to wear more female clothing than panties. I don’t. Why do I stop with panties? No clue.

In my younger years, I would sometimes wear panties to the office. I tired of that as over a long period they both get hot and compress the boys. I learned to only wear them around the house or on short shopping trips.

I have posted before that Becall and I like to panty shop. We have several pairs of matching panties and light control panty girdles. They are fun for us to wear for our joint action paddling's. Certain panties are clues that one of us needs a paddling. This morning she put on her white panty girdle and after coffee she was both OTK and bending over the bed getting her bottom toasted. I may well do the same thing soon.

Consensual Spanking did a poll. Although not statistically valid, of those men that did respond most enjoyed wearing panties at least once a week – 54 out of 80.

panties couple3

Men’s underwear that is more than utilitarian is quite costly. Usually north of $20 a pair. Women’s underwear for play purposes can be had for less than $10. Discrimination?


  1. Hey! I have worn ladies panties before and have enjoyed them on. They were very comfortable ans sexy feeling.

  2. Hi
    Good post. Instant arousal on my part as I started to read it. I see from the photo that you are still keeping to the tartan theme. There must be Scottish blood somewhere.

    I first wore knickers when I was a young teenager and used my elder sister’s whilst doing the usual teenage boy thing in my bed. I had to return them to the drawer pronto the next morning. I can remember one of my first spanking experiences when my Aunt discovered me looking in her bedroom drawers. She waved a hairbrush at me and told me she would use it in future if she caught me doing it again. There was no spanking from her that time but it stayed in my mind.
    I have frequently bought lingerie for my wife and this has given me the opportunity to buy a few knickers for my own use. Like you I am not into other items of ladies underwear. I guess I was in my late thirties when I started to pop on a pair of her panties every now and again. My wife had used her thong knickers once a twice to wrap them around my penis and testicles and she was intrigued as to why I found this bondage exciting. On a few occasions she then made me wear a thong whilst we were making out on the bed.
    When we got into F/M, and spanking more seriously, then my wife started to make me wear Punishment Panties. I have a store of maybe 8 knickers in different fabrics. On spanking days she will send me off to work wearing them and text me questions such as are you sitting comfortably.
    So, yes, I am definitely into knickers – but it would take an analyst to work out why.

  3. I really like your frank approach to the wonderful fetish world.

    I must also confess a fascination for panties, myself. I have worn them several times but my personal 'turn-on' is when my Lady 'makes' me wear them. I think it must be a combination of my interest in women's panties and my submission to her authority when she initiates me wearing them.

  4. Yes, I love panties too... have shown my wife now that I've bought them for myself (not just her anymore!) She's starting to think I have a nicer collection that her. But I'd love to have her spank me more often wearing them -- or force me to wear the pair of her choosing!

  5. Totally agree, but have no interest in wearing other women;s clothing. No interest in a girdle, but matching panties seems awesome. Wearing them does increase our spankings and our sex life.

  6. Thanks. I pretty much stick to panties, too... although I've dabbled in other female clothing. Panties are definitely the thing that get me excited, though!
    Yes, those initial experiences with panties... wow, thinking back, can't be beat (lol, though "beating" did occur!) :)
    You really shouldn't be so afraid of showing a pic of you in a nice "spank me" pair. Though I'm hetero, it's nice to know it's a shared hobby, not just shared clothes, lol!

  7. Luv to wear my wife's panties, but definately the best when she orders me to wear them and then gives me a good is good sometimes.

  8. Hoping you'll revisit this topic! :D Z

  9. Love your post - many thanks.

    I have been wearing ladies panties for years and I find them sexy and very comfortable, but they must be thongs or g-strings. I have no idea where this fetish came from, just like I don't know where my love of spanking came from!!

  10. I was one of the people that commented on consensual spanking about wearing panties. I do wear them 24/7 and no I don't wear any other women's clothing. I find they are comfortable, and they are warmer than cotton which is nice if you live in a cold climate which I do. They also look sexier than cotton underwear and my wife loves to see me in them. Is it a fetish? I don't think so. Look back in time at men's clothing. Men used to wear silk and frilly things and at that time there was no cotton underwear so what did they wear? Silk panties maybe. I bet Ben Franklin could answer that question.

  11. My wife dumped my underwear right after the honeymoon 11 yrs ago. She replaced it with panties. All she ever wants to see me wearing are panties she has bought me. At first it was embarrassing but no I am used to it. No big issue


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