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Friday, September 10, 2010

How We Do It

The third time is a charm?

This is my third attempt to describe how Bacall and I enjoy spanking. My prior posts have failed to convey the message we wanted. I tried to cover too many topics and confused you and myself.

First, I know most bottoms like a lot of licks. I don’t. I must have different chemicals or something. Somewhere north of 30-40 licks the endorphins numb me. I only slightly feel the licks after 40 or so. They do not hurt, nor are they pleasurable. Do any of you experience this?

I have paddled women who have iron bottoms and can take all I can give and like the Energizer Bunny are always ready to go another round. I have paddled women who can enter a trance like state. Literally.

But repeating, I cannot take a lot of licks. I cannot “zone out” either. I just enjoy what I hated to endure as a kid. Two dozen or so hard licks with a paddle makes me happy and horny.

Bacall likes her spankings to start out fairly easy and to continue for two hundred or so licks and finish with gusto. She likes it to last for a half hour or more. And yes, she can enjoy more than one spanking a day. And has many times. She seems to fit into enjoying a typical pleasurable adult spanking.

Second, we do not employ discipline, punishment or any form of accountability with each other. Shortcomings we have, but they have no place in our bedroom activities. Spanking is sensual with us. That may be the reason we are able to switch with each other. No Doms, no Masters, no DD, no HOH. We don’t need to switch our heads around to go from taking to giving. Has anyone ever heard of such?

We are not totally unique with spanking for pleasure only. Have you ever read that Bonnie and Randy settle issues with a spanking? The answer is no. I can think of four other Blogs that do not mention discipline/punishment as a reason for spanking. It seems to be rare.


  1. Fortune has smiled on you if you are both into spanking and are a couple. You are also lucky to have a partner that does not mind you looking through other spanking materials and blogging about other women's figures and bottoms.
    Enjoy your side of the spanko spoon. The other side which involves submission and discipline can be just as enjoyable.

  2. You are right. Most blogs seem to be all about discipline and punishment. And in the majority of cases, the husband seems to be a less than willing owner of the title HOH. Many female bloggers seem to crave a DD relationship, whether or not their husbands are suitable HOH material.

    My bottom does go numb after being spanked for a while, but I can't call it unpleasant. Lucky Bacall! I would love a half hour of spanking. As a matter of fact, I am looking into buying an hour glass (or half-hour glass).

    I believe you two are fairly unique in your spanking activities. Keep it up!


  3. I think we spank similarly to you. All of our spankings are "just for fun" for lack of a better term. Sure, we might occasionally say we are spanking because the other person was "bad", but it is more a part of the dialogue, rather than any real intent.

    Now, we don't switch as readily as you guys seem to do. I, the male, am usually on the receiving end. Occasionally my wife will request a spanking, but usually in conjunction with one of my spankings. Keep up your fun sensual spankings. And keep sharing.

  4. Somewhat amazing to have a couple who are both spanking enthusiasts. You are a very fortunate couple, and it is great you share this to the world. The usual blogging case is that one person having to convince the other into spanking them. We use spanking as discipline, but also as simple play, or even as a reward (another type of play). Cindy is spanked far less than I , but sometimes asks me to spank her. She also very readily turns around and waggles her bottom for me to give it a couple of hard swats. She jokes and laughs while I swat her bottom.Spanking is a release of tension for us, so that love making can follow.

  5. Wow, what a straight-forward description of your spanking style.

    We may include 'discipline' in our lifestyle, but it probably is more of a cover for an excuse for a spanking.

  6. Dear Bogey and Bacall,

    I think my comment "got eaten" when I tried to post it two days ago, so I'll try it again. I'm late for this post, but I just discovered your blog a few days ago. This post is one of a group of recent posts by different authors which made me think about my kink and the question how it works for me and what I get out of it. Thank you for the thought fodder! I'll try to put all of my thoughts together for the next edition of my monthly column “Kaelah's Corner“ at my partner's blog “Ludwig's Rohrstockpalast”. But I wanted to write down some thoughts as a comment here on your blog, too.

    Like Bacall, I like my spankings to last longer, starting out easy and finishing with gusto. I don't think I'm one of those people who can “zone out”, but longer spankings of that kind allow me to feel peaceful and empowered afterwards. Like the two of you, my partner Ludwig and I don't have any kind of DD relationship. We sometimes use real life accounts for our play, though. But in the very rare case that I have really done something that (of course unintentionally) hurt Ludwig, we only use that for a scene after everything has been talked through, sorted out and solved. So, even in this special case the spanking for us isn't about discipline or a real punishment, it's rather like reconciliation sex.

    In the sexual play with my partner I'm 95 per cent bottom, but I found out that I also love switching, especially in the context of fun clips we make from time to time. Ludwig is 95 per cent top, but he switched several times in order to find out more about the bottom perspective and he sometimes still switches today (especially for clips). So, a few weeks ago, I topped him for the first time (I started exploring my kink only about 1 ½ years ago and didn't feel ready for topping earlier). Switching was a great experience for me! And to my mind that indeed wouldn't have been possible, if we had a Dom / Master / DD / HOH relationship.


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