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Friday, August 20, 2010


I am a long time fan of Erica’s Blog. Nothing I say here should in any way be taken as a negative about her or her Blog. Got that?

She is a bottom, she does not top. That’s plain enough to me, but not to thousands of men. In her recent Blog she admits she does not like to see men being spanked. That’s equally understandable to me. I don’t care to see other men spanked either and I have left the room when that happened.

I commented on her Blog that I think she is like 90% of women who like to be spanked, they do not want to spank men. They especially do not want to think about spanking the man who spanks them.

You must understand that most female bottoms have been chewing on being spanked by a real man since they were five. Real men are not spanked, most especially by the woman they spank. The Knight in Shining Armor does not unveil his bottom. That would be more Ying than there is Yang to cover it.

At parties, I never admit that I like to have my bottom spanked, because I know half of the women would suddenly be too busy, too sore, to play with me. Why? Simply because they don’t want to deal with the chance that I would ask for reciprocation.

One of the comments on Erica’s Blog was Male submissiveness makes me cringe. That’s is the way it is guys. You are wasting time and looking like a fool when you ask a female submissive to be dominate. Yes, yes, I know there are RARE exceptions.

Becall and I are able to switch  probably because we both have dominate personalities.


  1. One point I forgot to make on my own blog, which I'll mention here: When female bottoms claim to have an averse reaction to seeing males bottom, it's not meant to be character assassination. It is purely about the visual -- as you said, we've had this image of the Strong Dominant Male since we were little kids too young to even realize what we were craving. The visual of a man bottoming clashes with that fantasy image, and screws with our head space. We cannot help that, and we are NOT condemning the men who need to bottom. I know it seems that way sometimes, but I certainly don't mean it that way.

    I regret any negative feelings that arose from my blog earlier this week. But all the anger, resentment and flaming on the Net won't change how some female bottoms feel. It's wired into our fetish makeup. The secret is learning how to express those feelings (or not) without treading on toes.

    You two clearly have the wiring to make a switch relationship work. Kudos to you. :-)

  2. I am sorry but I disagree with this post
    I am a man I provide for my family everything they want or need My wife spanks me three times a week very hard and I love her for doing that she will tell you our marrige is better and yes In those times when she needs a spanking I spank her in this marrige you screw up dont do your chors follow the rules you get spanked and its be that way for 25 years.
    So its what the man an the women want 91% of the marriges that the wife spanks her husband
    surive so ill ask you how much do you love your man there is nothing wrong with a wife giving her husband what he needs thank You

  3. Well, I'll take a swim in the deep end of the pool.
    "looking like a fool"
    So these were Erica's words.
    Strongly and specifically worded with a vibe that reflects disdain on her own blog; clearly her prerogative.
    Here the tone becomes buffered. Curiously, what Ms. Scott so boldy took authorship of previously, now becomes "some female bottoms".
    Under About Me, Ms. Scott references a "can be" list that contains just about EVERYTHING I view as a positive for a woman.
    Too bad "can be" has a selective definition of contrary?
    And for the record, despite giving many spankings, I have yet to receive.
    p.s. In the pictures she has posted displaying it; Erica has a great rear end!

  4. Joe, "You are wasting time and looking like a fool when you ask a female submissive to be dominate" are MY words. Key words in the sentence are submissive and dominate. Like putting lipstick on pig. It still a pig.

    colwj33 - I really have no idea what you disagree with. Your comment does not seem to mesh with the subject at all.

  5. Hi
    The good fortune for a spanko man is to meet a woman who likes spanking.
    If she is a switch then that is a bonus. If she only likes to be the spankee then that is fine and if she only wants to be the spanker then that is equally good.
    The hardest thing is to be a spanko man in a non-spanking relationship because that would do your head in over the long term.
    I am fortunate that my wife understands my spanking psycho and will cooperate to make sure that I get my head rush. Every few weeks I can spank her a little, generally after a drink, but every week I get at least two spankings or the cane from her, so I am in married heaven.
    It is possible that for the woman the dangly bits on a male spankee are off-putting. In our case my wife prefers me to be in pants or a thong so that the bits are kept tidy.
    It does not stop her smacking them however to get my full attention.

    Perhaps a spankos motto should be

    “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist”


  6. Tha "Male submissives make me cringe", and only that passage of dialogue were attributed to Ms. Scott was a connection I did not make. My apologies to all.
    A better familiarity with Erica's Blog should have been established by me prior to my post.
    Disagreeing was not at issue (for me), but more that spank was spoken with fork tongue?
    I went, I saw, I read, I digested.
    Knowing now what are Bogey's words would change the composition of my initial post.
    As for what I perceive, and elected to contribute based on that...
    "Some female bottoms" have spoken.


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