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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Indian Princess

indian princess

Phoning it in here.

Even Indian Princesses need a spanking now and again. This one certainly has a highly spankable posterior.  I am on the lookout for her.

Hope you get spanked and enjoy your weekend. We did and we are.



  1. Hi
    I don't why "pocahontas" was the first word that came into my head!
    I would certainly paddle down any number of rivers to find that bottom.
    Yes thanks, the spankings here are up and running this weekend. We have a holiday on this side of the pond on Monday so it seems like the long weekend might give rise to a few more spanking opportunities.
    Enjoy yours.

  2. Oh, my, that is a spankable butt. Yes, the possibility of a spanking this weekend is quite high.


  3. Hi again
    I could not resist coming back to look at this delightful bottom.
    Oh to have been a Scout in the Wild West and coming across this squaw.
    I got to think whether Indians were into discipline and what instruments they might have used and the Google track led me down to the Sioux.

    There was nothing much to be found about Indians spanking each other but Sioux City was a warm place.

    This link to an article about spanking in the City in the 1930’s is fascinating.

    You might want to take a look at the page and click on the link to the Sioux City Journal which appears at the top of the article.

    If you find any more bare-backed Indians on the lonesome trail do keep us posted.

  4. Spank her derriere should you come upon her.
    Feathers notwithstanding.


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