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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, July 2, 2010

Joint Action

It’s been months since we posted anything about our personal spanking activities, so today I will do a tell all. Read on if you have nothing better to do.

Yesterday Becall decreed that today would be a joint action session. Regular readers know this means we switch and paddle each other. She told me to wear my pink panties as she wanted to wear her matching pair with her fav pink bra. She also announced that I would be getting the batten on my legs. I asked her if she wanted some of the same and she looked at me kinda silly and said “of course”.

She started the festivities by giving me 8 licks on the front of my thighs while I sat on the couch. I then had to stand and take 8 more on the back of my legs. Stingy!

After this she plopped herself down on the couch and spread her legs for the batten. She really loves this. The batten on her inner thighs  is EXTREMELY pleasurable to her. I always tap her sensitive parts with the batten in between licks.

Next she got on her hands and knees on the couch and I popped her bottom with her holey paddle. I finished her off with our electro-mechanical orgasmic device. She withered and melted when I touched her with it and she climaxed a minute later.

After she recovered, I bent off the couch for six with the principals paddle and eight with the teachers paddle. Gawd, did they sting. I can usually take that many licks without a problem. Not today.

I was glad it was a short paddling. She put the vibrator on me and I did not last much longer than she had.

And that’s the news from here. What’s new with you?


  1. Its always great to hear about the spanking experiences of others. Sounds like it was a hot night down your way!

    I especially liked the part where Becall was the one who 'decreed' a session and also instructed you to wear panties. It doesn't happen often but when Cora instructs me to wear panties (I fit hers), its an incredible turn on.

  2. Feels about 92 in the shade.
    Procrastinating on about 92 things I need to do. ;{
    I read this post, & suddenly I become energized.
    Drawing upon a non-prying visual makes my day seem almost breezy?
    Never fear being confused with Paddle neophytes. Bless your hearts.
    The amorous nature of this Blog, often makes me feel that maybe things are not so wrong in the world?
    Enjoy a Happy 4TH together.

  3. Hi there. Sorry not have commented much recently. Sounds like you both had a great time.
    We are currently on vacation in the Med area in a villa with another couple so no spanking action unfortunately unless we can get them to go out on a trip.
    There will be a lot to catch up on when we do get home as the list of my errors and omissions over here is growing. It currently reads as follows:
    1. Swearing at another driver when it turned out I was in the wrong.
    2. Not pulling my weight with keeping the holiday home tidy.
    3. Drinking too much and having a bolshy discussion with our friends.
    4. Not having enough money on my card at the end of a restaurent meal meaning that the friends had to pick up the bill.

    Doubtless there will be more by the end of the holiday.
    Hope you had a good 4th of July.


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