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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Coffee, Tea or Me – Part III

The corridor twisted and turned, and Hermione took quick steps to keep pace with Snape's long fluid strides. He was well ahead of her, and rounded a corner, as she paused for just a moment to catch her breath. Her thoughts raced. Where were they going? What would he do? He'd already kissed her, and she'd felt the slow burn begin again in the pit of her stomach, the same burn that she'd tried desperately to forget during those nights when she slept alone in the rooms of the head girl. Well, she thought, I’ve been invited to get what I thought about so many times... It's true what they say. Be careful what you ask for...

She scurried to catch up, and rounded the corner, almost running into the tall lean man holding open a door for her. A thin smile played about his lips. Severus Snape looked so different with a smile, even if it was the barest hint of one. Hermione concentrated on her toes, her fingers at her sides, anything but his tall form, his slender build... his..

Stop it! her inner voice hissed. You're mooning like a schoolgirl! she almost rolled her eyes at herself. I WAS a schoolgirl, not so very long ago! shut up!

She looked up at him, noting with a bit of giddy alarm that he still towered over her, and he looked down, arms folded over his chest. "Well, then, Miss Granger. Are you truly following after the most hated teacher at Hogwarts? The vampire professor? Slytherin's own greasy git?"

He sounded amused, and when she could find no words, he continued, pushing her ahead of him into the room, and shut the door behind them. One hand locked the door as the other began to snake its way up her back. "I am well aware of how the students speak of me. Vampire indeed. How unimaginative."

Hermione managed a half-smile and a nervous laugh. "You should know sir, that.. um. I never called you... those things." She blushed, pushing at her hair.

"I wouldn't imagine you did. Considering the way you looked at me seventh year." Hermione’s head jerked up, and Snape let out a deep rumbling laugh, placing a hand in the small of her back to usher her farther into the small antechamber. He began to circle her, and she felt very much like a swimmer in shark infested waters... except that if he bit her, ah... She blushed at her own thoughts and went silent. "I notice everything Miss Granger. I would think you would remember that... especially after that particular quiz seventh year..." His eyes roamed to the lower part of her, and Hermione blanched. Snape stopped his circuit of the trembling girl to stand still behind her, tracing his thin fingers over her shoulder blades.

"Oh, yes, little Miss... I noticed. You watched me in classes, during meals. You defended me to no end in front of your insufferable Gryffindor friends. Even after the.. incident. Why would a girl do these things for such a deplorable individual, hmm?"

She pressed her palms flat to her sides, closing her eyes as she felt his long fingers trace up her neck to twine in her thick hair, tipping her head back. "Why would you do those things, Miss Granger? Hmm?" Her heart pounded, and she gasped, almost crying out as he nipped her ear. "Could it be, little Miss, that the ever-perfect student fancies her cruel demanding professor?" He laughed deeply as her face went from white to red.

Snape let his fingers slip down her spine underneath the thick fall of her hair. Hermione stood still, stiff, and closed her eyes, her breath quickening. Snape slid his hands down along her sides, and over her hips. He pulled firmly, and let out a low chuckle at her gasp as her hips pressed back into him.

"Yes. I do believe that is the case..." His hands slid to cup her bottom, encased in the tight jeans, and then moved round to slide under the shirt. Strong fingers moved over her breasts, dipping into the top of her bra to flick at her nipples. She whimpered.

"Shhhh.." The sound was soft, and almost gentle, as he teased the tightening nubs. "If you want me stop, Miss Granger, at any time, then say so. Though, I may not believe you." Snape let one hand slip down over the smooth skin of her belly, leaving the other to pinch gently at the rosy points. Fingers pushed past the waist of her jeans, inching their way down, down, to cup her pussy over her panties.

"Oh! Professor!" Hermione cried, blinking at the invasion. Snape ignored her, his fingers moving to rub at the cleft under the thin fabric. Hermione gasped, leaning back against him, smelling the spicy herbal scent of the potions room on him. She breathed deeply, to take in more of the scent of him as well as to try and still the frantic beating of her heart. She failed utterly at the latter as one finger dipped under the side of her panties to slide into the soft folds underneath. She bit her lip, her eyes closing tight. Her knees trembled as that solitary digit pressed into her, probing gently at the opening hidden deep within.

"What have we here?" he murmured silkily. "You are aroused..." He bent lower, his lips brushing her ear. "You, my dear.. are positively soaking..." Hermione whimpered, blushing scarlet, but nodded and arched, pushing her hips forward onto his hand. Snape laughed again, and pushed his finger further, dipping into the tight hole now, moving slowly within it. Hermione bit her lip hard enough to taste the metallic tang of blood as his fingers worked in her, now dipping deeper, now moving smoothly through the slickness to run over the tight bead at her core.

He felt her lean back heavily against him as her knees threatened to give way. "One thing more, Miss Granger. I am no longer your Professor, so when you address me, you will do so as 'Sir'. Are we clear?"

When she nodded silently, his hand left her breast to place a sharp slap on the outside of her thigh. She squealed. He smiled. "Out loud, Miss Granger. Always out loud when I ask you a question. Am I understood?" She nodded again, heady with the mix of apprehension and pleasure. Snape sighed and moved to one side, pushing between her shoulder blades to bend her. He placed a quick spank on her right cheek. "Try again."

Hermione yelped, and quickly added the verbal comment. "Yes, Professor..." Another smack joined the first as his other hand continued to manipulate her, stroking steadily.

"I tire of this, Miss Granger." His voice was showing signs of amused annoyance, and a volley of quick spanks echoed in the small room. Hermione squealed and squirmed, trying to evade the sharp -but not yet hard- blows. Pausing briefly, he smoothed his hand firmly over her bottom and leaned low to growl in her ear. "Let's try again, and this time, get it right. You WILL pay attention when I give you instructions!" He straightened, and stilled his caressing hand before speaking again. "Are... *smack!* we... *smack!* Clear?" *SMACK!*

Her head swam and she found the correct words as she bounced on her toes. "Oh.. oh, OH! Yes, Sir!" She gasped, eyes closed tight in concentration, trying to keep still and remember the proper phrasing. He ran his palm quickly over the seat of her jeans,and squeezed, delighting in her whimpers. The fingers in her jeans were teasing, touching then retreating. He pulled gently at her shoulder, pulling her upright against him again as strong thin fingers began to move more rhythmically. She opened her mouth in an O, tipping her head back against his chest.

He kept quiet as she let out a strangled cry, her hands crossed tightly over her chest, struggling to keep her feet. Snape pressed himself firmly to her and focused on the pearl at her center. He smiled in silence as her breathy moans and whimpers grew higher and more desperate and shifted his other hand to support her as she cried out in release. Holding her tightly as she trembled against him, he slowly withdrew his hand.

Only when she was breathing more slowly, head tipped to one side in the dreamy reverie of the aftermath, did he let out a soft deep chuckle. He held her close to him as she gained her balance, and finally turned her to face him, tipping her chin up to look into the liquid brown eyes.

She blushed beautifully. “Well done, Miss Granger. That was lovely.” He leaned down and whispered in her ear. “Never be afraid of the sounds of passion. I find them quite, quite enchanting.” He smiled gently as he stepped back from her, coolly observing the flush of her cheeks, the still trembling hands held awkwardly at her sides, the slowing of her breath. She noted that the frequency of his smiles was a bit unnerving.

Snape moved fluidly to push a damp strand of hair from her face, his fingertips lingering on the curve of her cheek. "We will have to tie this back. Lovely as it is, I want to see your face next time." He turned and strode to the other side of the small chamber, beckoning to her as he stepped into the next room.


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