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Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What we are about

A few recent comments from regular readers prompt this blog.

One of the frailties of man is that we tend to see things shaped by how we are. I know I suffer from this malady. While I try to make a special effort to suppress it, I often fail. I know of a precious few Blogs where I am always completely comfortable with the authors spanking interests. Because I see their interest as different from mine, I tend to judge them based on who I am.

I strongly suspect our Blog is like judged. Jeez, a thought of a man wearing a girdle is sure to turn off some people. Heck, certain girdles turn me off.

I am wandering in the direction of my point. The spanking relationship Becall and I have is outlined in the header of this Blog. We both have dominate personalities. Neither of us is in-charge of the other. That sometimes makes it difficult for us to slip into being submissive for even a few minutes.

Neither of us will spank the other just because we want to or because we think the other needs correcting. It’s always a mutual desire.

When I used the F word as an action verb the other day, I was channeling Becall. When she wants action, she wants it now and is not shy about using action words.  

All this to say, when reading OBB please keep in mind that we are always playing.


  1. Read your blog however I feel the f word cheapens ours and others view of your LADY. That you use the word privately is not anyone's business. We have great respect for you and your blog. What we say privately is way different than what we say in public. We are polite in our comments out of respect to the blogger and ourselves. Also on comments: another site gave away our true identity so I am now a member of the unemployed. Good luck and keep up your terrific blog.
    Rachel & aj

  2. I agree Rachel.

    I regret to hear you lost your job becuase someone outed you. That's the first I have heard of such. Hundreds of people know us. We have been to each others homes. Nothing bad ever happened.

    So you told someone who you are and they went to your company?

  3. OMG Rachel, that is horrible! My heart goes out to you. it must have been a horrible time for both of you.

    Bogie - this is your blog. You are completely entitled to say whatever you want, no matter what letter the word starts with. I quite understand the context in which you used it the other day. I am not offended by that word, and use it myself, when I am around people who also use it, if there is a reason to do so.



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