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Foolishness since 2007
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Friday, June 4, 2010

What Underwear?

Regular poster Joe writes Finding out that a woman is wearing a thong just prior to spanking her, is a turn off like no other. White cotton panties initiate the start of sexual tension that is typically delightful.

I hear what you are saying Joe. However, thongs are quite useful for women at spanking parties – they can bare it, but preserve some modesty with men that they may have only just met. I have always advocated thongs for men who are getting paddled in a public setting. I really don’t need to see your dong. So thong it and call me a prude.

I don’t keep up with what style of panties are the current best seller, but I do know that thongs were the rage with younger women a few years back. Like you Joe, I prefer panties. My all time fav are boy shorts. They dress up the bottom and leave the spanking spot fully exposed.

The style and color of panties can indicate the mood of the lass wearing them. Which in turn can indicate what kind of spanking she wants. Sometimes the choice of panties is a way of asking for a spanking. If she has on full cut everyday panties, she is probably not thinking about getting her bottom reddened.

schoolgirl23This second in the series schoolgirl picture is for you Joe. Full cut white cotton panties. I think I can assert that she dressed to be paddled judging by how she is sticking out her tongue and exposing herself.

And special thanks to all the women who know how to dress to tantalize us men.

Taking a day or so off.


  1. "Sometimes the choice of panties is a way of asking for a spanking":

    ANY choice of panties is a way of asking for a spanking. Even a granny pantie will work although my preference is bikini.

    Sugar does look good in boy shorts too.

  2. As I once wrote a while back, the opportunity to receive "that" paddling elluded me. In a group setting I would be all in favor of male thongs as like you, I don't seek mood breakers.
    My philosophy as it pertains to the female behind differs; substantially.
    No crying in baseball, & no false modesty in spanking? Who wrote that? :)
    As for the picture you posted.

  3. Hi there

    Lifting her skirt to fine white or dark blue kickers is the ultimate
    even if she resists too hard a spanking.

    For him - a thong is a must. Too many dangly bits are a turn off for the spanker in our relationship.

    Enjoy your break.



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