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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Other Apparel Fetish

Just so you know, women dressed in short plaid skirts are not my only apparel fetish. I also like women in panty girdles. This lass does not need a girdle, but she sure looks good to me in it.

Becall has one much like this. Brought it into the marriage. Sadly it shrunk and she can no longer wiggle into it. Becall was a size 6/7 when we married and like this lass, did not really need a girdle.

I have always liked the small concentrated red circle on her bottom the paddle makes when she has on Lyrca.

lingerie girdle34

In case you are enjoying the school girl theme, fear not, I have many more pictures to share with you.


  1. Yes & yes...
    It's Friday!

  2. A nice photo, but I would panic if I had to bend over a second-floor railing to be spanked.

    Just saying.


  3. I did not think that it might cause alarm in some to bend over an upper floor railing. And I have certain height fears myself. Just shows that all such actions should be considered in play.

  4. Oh My!

    Amazing eye candy. Thanks for sharing.

    Bending over a rail?

    I could do that.


  5. Nothing better than a mix of panty girdles and spankings!


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