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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Are All So Different

Spanking My Husband is a new Blog with twice the number of followers as OBB. Small wonder, they post pictures of her paddling him and pictures of her in a bikini. [While we have posted pictures of Becall here, I will guarantee that you will never see my bottom here. And it’s a cute one according to Becall]

A recent post on Spanking My Husband explained how she spanks away an erection. I am thinking WTF? For me, paddling and erections go together. I want to be paddled and it never fails to give me an erection. Every time I paddle Becall I get an erection and she gets aroused. That’s why we do it!

If Evan has a partial erection before a spanking, I can't resist grabbing it and giving it a squeeze. After a couple of quick squeezes, Evan's penis becomes erect. I may then ask Evan to play with it for a little while, before I stop him (no ejaculation for him: we practice tease and denial), and put him over my lap.

Becall always rubs me. She has never been able to keep her hands off it – bless her heart. And we always have sex following a spanking. We sometimes tease each other, bringing the other close to orgasm and then backing off. That usually ends when Becall exclaims Now! Hard! and Fast! Each of those words are always punctuated with the F word used as a verb.

While we all enjoy spanking, we are all so different.

1 comment:

  1. I will preface this comment by admitting that I am a cynical person.
    With that said...
    Something about the entire Evan & Deirdre dynamic seems "off"?
    Like Reality TV on a public access channel?
    Am not implying, or suggesting, anything malicious.
    For me, spank & candor are synonymous.


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