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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do I Really Want This?

This post is about my thoughts. There are no grautious pictures of women with their badonkabonks exposed today. Please come again for that.


A year ago I saw a clip of a man being paddled and I posted it here. [A reader advised me that they are John & Heather and that they made several real life discipline films for Nu-West] In the clip, he gets over 80 licks. The woman starts out with firm licks and continues the entire paddling that way with no breaks. I don’t think I could take it. I would get away -  unless I was bound - like this man.

I have given paddlings like that to women who wanted “to be mastered”. Sometimes, I was able to get their heads where they wanted to go. Other times, I just worked up a sweat and all they got was a sore bottom. It is good exercise for both parties.

I have never had a paddling like that. Two dozen swats is enough for me. I try to keep in mind that both the Blog and the film center on spanking for adult punishment, while we only spank for fun. Is it some kind of weird macho thing that I wonder what it would be like to get such a paddling? If Becall were to bind me over one of our benches and give me 80 with a paddle like was used in the clip, what would be my mental state after the first two dozen licks? Would it be pleasurable when she stopped? Would I ever want it again? I keep turning it over in my mind. Do I really want it? Some thoughts are best to be left as thoughts.

Some related, but lighter comments

The woman paddling the man tied over the bench in Spanking My Husband relates":

I can usually get in between 60 and 100 spanks each minute, and sometimes more, if I want to. Evan has counted over 150 in a minute of some spankings on the bench that we have filmed. That's about as fast as I can spank, while keeping up the intensity of each spank.

Holy Moly, she is a paddling machine! And she paddles him for up to 10 minutes at such a fast clip. Fascinating, but I don’t think I want to sample her technique.

And how in the heck could he count?? I don’t think my bottom is in the same league.

Also his penis is bent backwards. Yikes! I prefer both of my heads pointing up.

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  1. In relating an expierience of my own, I lamented over just such a paddling I was to receive.
    Without hesitation I can answer, "I really want to attempt receiving the paddle as depicted".
    In the end (sorry), I can't say for certain as to how I would fare, or if it would turn into a grass is always greener finale?
    Let's misbehave!


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