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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Asking For a Spanking

Regular reader Michael commented that he might get some of his toys and ask his wife for a spanking as it had been sometime since his last one. I replied “Why not? Moments later I tripped across a new-to-me Blog by a man who asked his wife for a session. See Spanked By My Lady.

They both immensely enjoyed the session. Asking for a spanking can be difficult, especially if you are deep into being submissive, but it can led to getting what you want when you want it. That’s not all bad.

I really appreciate Spanked By My Lady for sharing pictures of themselves. She is a real looker to me. I like this picture which shows her laughing.



  1. Sure, asking is good, although it can be difficult to do. What's the risk? She might say no. But then again, she might say yes!

    It couldn't hurt. Or maybe that should be, it COULD hurt!


  2. Wow, thanks for the link to our blog. Yes, asking for a spanking can take some of the pizazz out of being spanked. We developed a 'Notice of Discipline' form that seems to really work well in many circumstances. Many are described in our blog.


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