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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

News From the Road

When we travel, we are often out of cell phone coverage and so we can not Blog. After awhile we get out of the habit of Blogging. A while longer and our thoughts turn to mush. I think it's called relaxed. Such is the instant case. We are back in civilization, we have cell phone coverage, so I can no longer use that excuse.

At least Becall did a short post last week. She is not a writer. You write her and she will reply. But, it takes much longer for her to start an email. I still have both cards she sent me when we were dating. Both of them! So consider her post as a main course, not a side dish.

OTOH, I have nothing to say. Tapped out. Perhaps when we get home this weekend and unpack and.... well maybe soon.

Meanwhile, this paddle is rather unique. Two blades. I sent it to Bonnie for her unusual spanking implements contest, but I never heard back from her. I suppose she is still laughing about it.

I recall it being a pleasant Sunday morning with the little darlings bent over the deck railing.


  1. I"m sure inspiration for posts wil come once you are back into your daily routine. Vacations tend to make us relax and forget our responsibilities - blogging or other wise.

    I love the paddle(s)! I'm sure Bonnie will post the picture soon, when she has a moment.


  2. Hi Bogey,

    I had some trouble upgrading a mail client and lost (I think) several messages in the process. Yours was apparently one of them. Sorry about that!


  3. Does this paddle allow for the required "moment of inertia"?
    I'm game, but will she fly?


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