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Foolishness since 2007

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spanking as Punishment

Gentle Readers, I had hoped one of you would be able to explain to this dense man how what is sexual can sometimes be punishment. I will write some of my thoughts on the subject and come back to this topic at a later date. Maybe then, someone can explain it to me.

Here in south Texas it's cloudy, cool or rainy or all three. The Atlantic states are under record snow. We need some warm sunshine to boost our spirits! I read Rio is having a heat wave.

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  1. Hi there.
    OK here is how I see it. The punishment is neither erotic or sexual. Yes, it is nice to receive (and give)a leisurely sexy spanking but not everyone is into this on a regular basis and you are fortunate to have such a partner.
    What we are into is a FLR where I have grown to express my feelings of submission and where I expect and wish to be punished when I have let my partner down. The threat of such a punishment and talking about it beforehand is extremely erotic and goes straight to my head and my lower parts. I can get off on this pre-punishment phase for ever and a day. I can also go to bed happy and lively for sex a few hours after the punishment is over, thinking about what happened and how each of us might have looked during the discpline session. The punishment itself is not erotic. It is matter of fact and qute hard work for both of us.
    The reward of the punishment is that things are straightened out between us and the endorphins are whizzing arund my head giving a huge lift to my sprits and feeling of well being.
    Occasionally my wife will promote or accept some roleplay spanking of either or both of us. These are erotic playtimes and they are definitely sexy. They also feed our imagination for those times when one of us is not feeling like love making but nonetheless knows that the other needs some relief. On these occasions my wife will tell a story about punishing me which has me off within seconds. Again this is hyper sexy. I will return the favour by being the submissive and doing some massage or other touching activity. Again that submission is deeply erotic.
    So spanking and stories are sexy for us and punishment is what one party needs in order to feel that they are truly submissive and to learn to be a better partner.
    Regards and enjoy whatever it is you do. Asthey say where I come from "there's nowt so strange as folk!"


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