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Friday, February 19, 2010

More thoughts on spankings as punishment

These are my personal thoughts and I don’t claim they are universal or even that apply to anyone else.

I was paddled often as a youth. Each time was torture for me. None of them had any effect on my behavior.

In along ago time, I paddled women for punishment. They all wanted to be punished when they broke the rules they established for themselves. I was honored to accommodate them. Yeah, I thought I was doing good. All of the women were strong, independent, talented in their careers, several were making six figures. Two other things they had in common were intentionally breaking the rules to earn a paddling and having pleasant day dreams about their paddlings. I don’t know if their masturbatory sessions involved having sex with me or just the thought of me paddling them. [There was no sex in our relationship] The deal was, they intentionally did things to earn a paddling and then later played the session back for sexual release.

I can relate to the need to feel cared for, to have someone who cares about you enough to punish you if you cross a line. I have to question if the rules are broken again and again and the punishment becomes fodder for sexual day dreams, WHERE IS THE PUNISHMENT!

I saw this on a f/m Blog: is one picture from just prior to another spanking that Evan received. As you can see, Evan was semi-erect before that spanking started. I like to keep him in a state of sexual denial well before and after a spanking, so he is often hard before we start. I like to then spank the erection out of him: that is somehow very satisfying.

So the thought of getting a spanking is sexually stimulating for Evan. And I would wager the remembrance is equally stimulating just as it was for the women I paddled. So again, I ask, WHERE IS THE PUNISHMENT?

I can not imagine why the woman likes to keep him in sexual denial. Perhaps she does not like sex with him or does like sex at all.

Michael expressed how punishment and sex work together for him and his wife:
What we are into is a FLR where I have grown to express my feelings of submission and where I expect and wish to be punished when I have let my partner down. The threat of such a punishment and talking about it beforehand is extremely erotic and goes straight to my head and my lower parts. I can get off on this pre-punishment phase for ever and a day. I can also go to bed happy and lively for sex a few hours after the punishment is over, thinking about what happened and how each of us might have looked during the discipline session. The punishment itself is not erotic. It is matter of fact and quite hard work for both of us.

Thanks Michael, I can see how this could be therapeutic for you.


  1. There is never any confusion in my mind or in my body between pain inflicted for my sadistic Master's amusement and pleasure, and the pain inflicted as punishment and/or correction.

    The air in the room is sodden with the different emotions, and when he is angry or disappointed I am choking on his words and intent. Yes, I get wet when he hurts me. I am not a masochist but I grow wet. It's probably from the submission as much as anything else. But spankings and canings for punishment break my heart and there is a different flavor to my submission. Accepting the torture is a serious expression of my commitment to him and to our relationship.

    It hurts my flesh and it hurts my heart and the lesson is branded in my memory.

    Whereas, when he hurts me because he is a sadist, and he loves my screams, and he loves watching the change in the color of my bottom, I suffer, yes. But I give him my suffering with joy and with love.

  2. Hi
    There are two other elements which can add to the excitement of a "punishment" paddling or caning.

    One is "the look". This might be given by one's wife at any stage when one is out with friends or in a public place. It generally means "stop right there" and a particularly hard "look" can also communicate that whatever just took place should be remembered and added to the "list" in a future punishment. I sometimes experience a surge of resentment when I am given "the look" but I quickly turn this feeling in to one of acceptance. If I have had a "look" when we have been out in the evening, then I can frequently find myself thinking about the likely outcome when we are making our way home and my imagination can get the blood rushing around my head and body in a generally exciting fashion.
    The other aspect of a punishment session which is a vital element to the spanking interest in our marriageis that of waiting. One might be told that a punishment will be given in say 3 days time and this can leave one excited for days. Then there might be "waiting time" when one is sent upstairs and told to get ready and then be left for half an hour or more just waiting and staring into space, with one's imaginaion in overdrive.
    A particularly painful experience is to then find that your wife comes in and you are told to get dressed and put the instruments away. You end up being punished by not being punished.
    A better result, of course, is a hard spanking and then the punishment strokes with a cane or crop.



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