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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Men Who Wear Panties

Ronnie posed a question about wearing your mates undies. Before I looked at the comments, I kinda figured what would be said. Ewwe! pretty much summed it up. That’s why men who like to wear panties are secretive about it. We know women like their men looking manly and how could a man in pink panties be manly. Thankfully, Becall has never had a problem with me wearing panties.

If you like the look of the Marlboro man, I would be easy on your eyes, while under my jeans I might be wearing panties. Appearances can be deceptive, books and covers and all that.

So why do I like to wear panties? The answer is as easy to come up with as it is for you say why you like spanking. Neither of us decided to become fascinated with spanking and I did not elect to be intrigued with wearing panties. Nor did other men. Like spanking, I have accepted it.

There are quite a few blogs written by women who lament that their mates either will not spank them or will not spank them like they want to be spanked. I emphasize with them. I would ask for a little understanding from women for the men who like to wear panties.

Besides, men’s underwear is rather boring don’t you think?


  1. Hi Peoples:
    Rachel likes me to wear panties as a reminder that i am her's only and that she is the boss. Besides you hit the nail on the head, men's underwear is coarse, dull and uncomfortable. When you see us on the street, nobody knows what is under my outer garments, not family, friends, or co-workers.

  2. Hi there
    I empathise with your pantie wearing desires.(Knickers over here in the UK).
    On formal punishment sessions I have to wear a pair of red or blue panties that my wife has chosen and watched me purchase in a department store.
    She keeps these in her drawer and leaves them out on the blanket chest as a sign that I am to get ready to bend over.
    I have two pairs of black knickers which I keep in one of my drawers.
    They are the elastic support type and they are real gripper knickers.
    Some days when I am headed off to an important business meeting I will put them on. The tight and uncomfortable feeling I experience in a long meeting really keeps me on my toes and in boring sessions I can think about some secretary discovering that I am wearing panties and then punishing my bare bottom over her desk.
    Keep up the good work. Like the photo.

  3. I'm loving the links to your old panty posts, thanks! Must get Wife to buy us some matching ones- nylon of course! :)
    Yes, the secretive feel of walking around town wearing a pair can't be beat!! Maybe it's a good thing I'm not "huge" down there, would be too obvious! But it sure is obvious when I get rubbed or spanked in my panties!
    Really like your comment that it's nothing we "elected" ... it's just..unavoidable now! :)


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