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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, January 11, 2010


WTF is an acronym for a commonly used crude phrase. I thought it appropriate to describe this picture. A girl scout as an authority figure??? Give me a break.


  1. Hi
    Over here in the UK it is Work Time Fun. Not sure what you mean by crude.
    Looks like fun to me. How else are
    Scouts meant to learn to do their best?

  2. Perhaps she was just undertaking the assessment to be able to add a Spankers Badge to her list of proficiency awards. I wonder what the design of the badge would be - crossed paddles.

  3. Anonymous sent this:

    Before you toss your cookies at the sight of a cute Girl Scout paddling the eminently spankable Sarah Gregory, kindly recognize that you are
    witnessing the transformation, however temporary, of Miss Jenni Mack into Jenni Doll...

    It went on. I took it to be commercial and decided not approve it.

    If Anonymous wishes to clarify and sign the note......

  4. In Canada (and the U.S. too, I assume) it means "What the F***?"

    Have you checked out this website? otherwise known as WTF pictures. Very funny!

    In my day, Girl Guides would have looked far more authoritative in their uniforms. How times have changed!



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