Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Venus and Mars


A kind female reader commented about posting pictures here, “I don't need them, although they are useful for attracting visual types of readers. The written word is a far greater turn on to me.”

It true that most women prefer words, written or spoken, to visual images. It is commonly accepted that men are significantly more visual. Perhaps men are more visual through genetic selection? Perhaps those who were best at seeing a meal had their genes passed along?

Women look, but it only takes them a faction of a second to decide if the shoes are right or the man is a candidate for fathering their children.

A man’s look lingers. Or as a woman might put it, we leer. Our eyes trace and retrace every exposed curve. Women know this and that’s why they wear low cut blouses so they can tell how much we drool. [smiling here]

I knew a woman who had great difficulty achieving orgasm through mechanical stimulation. But she could climax in seconds when the right words were whispered in her ear. 

Becall enters her deepest level of submission when she hears the right words. For her, it’s always a force fantasy. Yes, you must.

And there are non-spoken sounds, such as the sound of a belt being slipped through pants loops, a doubled over belt cracking against itself, the whoosh of a cane.

I think all spanking enthusiasts have their favorite phrases. “Are you asking for a spanking?”  [duh] “Bring me the paddle”, “Bend over”, “Take your pants down”, “You have been naughty and you are going to pay for it”, "You’re not too old for a good, sound spanking", etc, etc.

I find it quite stimulating when Becall tells me she is going to paddle me. So the spoken word is certainly not lost on this male. I find it just as stimulating when I see Becall in attractive lingerie holding a paddle in her hand. Given a choice of words or visuals, I will take both.

Here is visual for me.


I don’t like OTK or hairbrushes, but I could not refuse the get over my lap gesture she is making. Of all the professional spanking women, Kelly Payne is the one that does it for me. No, I have never been with a pro.

Concluding with visual for all  genders.


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