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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Saturday, January 9, 2010

On Not Being Judgemental

While we appreciate all comments, we find those made by women who enjoy being on the bottom especially interesting. While their comments are often insightful; it’s the fact that they frequent our Blog at all that is intriguing to me.

I asked one woman what made her keep returning to OBB and she told me to learn "how couples see spanking amongst themselves".

Given that our announced principal subject here is Becall putting the wood to me and that she has no ambitions to paddle her husband, I find her interest to be novel.

I think she is one of those rare people who are not judgmental and can learn from various sources.

One thing these woman share in common is that on their Blogs they do not describe themselves as brats or call their husbands Master. So in my judgmental way, I would describe them as normal women who enjoy being a little submissive and getting their bottoms toasted.

Whatever your stripes, we are pleased that you find OBB interesting and please do 'pop over" anytime.

B&B, We love spanking (#|#)

I trust this is suitable eye candy for the ladies.


If not, what sort of pictures would you ladies like to see?


  1. I enjoy visiting a variety of blogs, and just as many of them fall into the F/m category as M/f. I consider myself reasonably normal, but because I enjoy erotic spankings, I am always interested in reading what like-minded individuals - male or female - have to say on the subject.

    And to answer your question about pictures, I don't need them, although they are useful for attracting visual types of readers. The written word is a far greater turn on to me.


  2. I wonder if this photo is an invitation for a good caning, that this naughty lady is about to get. I hope so. Yes, six of more of the very best strokes would I give her, on that bare bottom of her's.


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