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Friday, January 1, 2010

How to Paddle

I have seen many pictures and video’s showing how NOT to use a wooden paddle. The pictures were not presented with an educational purpose, they just show they did know what they doing.
Since paddles are seldom used correctly, it’s not unusual to read that they are not at the top of most gals fav toys. Words like brutal and thuddy are commonly used.
When used on the upper part of the bottom, thud is guaranteed and probably also soreness. If that’s your thing, go for it. For sting, the paddle should strike the lower meaty part of the bottom. To achieve this may take some time to get both the target and the paddler in the proper position. Let’s consider the simple position of bending over. The spankee’s back should be angled down slightly, about 15 degrees below a right angle to the legs. [Grabbing the ankles, compresses the bottom too much] The bottom should be over the feet. This “stuck out” position is ideal.
The paddler needs to be in a position so they can swing slightly upward to make contact just above the line between the bottom and the legs.
The paddle needs to land flat, not even slightly on the edges. The sound will tell when the paddle lands correctly. Both will hear a crisp crack. The paddlee will feel sting, not thud.
I prefer alternating the paddle from cheek to cheek. This makes it much easier to ensure the paddle contacts flat. Also, you get full force on one cheek at a time.

The paddler should stand so that the paddle hand is just forward of the target. Hold the paddle with your thumb on top; the same as the bottom hand on a golf club. Just before contact, allow the paddle to swing forward, snapping into the target and with follow through.
Here Becall demonstrates proper technique. Note her thumb on top. All of the redness is from the middle down. This is what I consider to be the prime paddling area. From the middle of the bottom down the legs. As always, your mileage may vary.
As to paddle size, a thinner, lighter paddle provides more sting.


  1. Bogey and Becall,

    Happy New Year!

    I guess I'm not the only one who watches spanking videos and thinks, "Oh, no, not like THAT!" The low strike is annoying, but a high hit with a wooden paddle is downright dangerous. I am blessed/cursed with plenty of protective padding, but not up there.

    Your points are excellent and I agree wholeheartedly. The only suggestion I would add is a word of caution about striking the hips or saddlebags. The top of the femur is relatively close to the surface and most of us would prefer to keep our bones intact.

    Thanks for sharing this excellent educational post.


  2. Nice, concise and "on target" tutorial! Thanks, B&B! That final photo with Becall providing the demo shows my preference, also: BRIDGING the bottom crack so both cheeks flatten and rebound simultaneously.

  3. Hello there and Happy New Year

    My wife could not get the hang of using our paddle so I invested in a new one. It is about 22" long with a narrow handle and then a round blade at the end of about 8" diameter. There is a hole of about 1.5" in the centre. She finds this instrument much easier to handle and to guide onto the sweet spot of my bottom and onto the tops of my legs. The wood is highly polished and very dense and now that she has worked out how to swing the paddle like a "low to high" tennis forearm shot she expends very little energy and can happily keep going for 30 or more swats. I can tell you that I am jumping around, figuratively speaking, after a mere 10 slaps.The hole in the centre lets the air rush out on contact and forms a white circle on my bottom surrounded by the red tinge. She has commented that the white circles help guide her next swat very clearly. She favours doing one cheek until it is scorching and then moving onto the next one. I would prefer alternate spanks on each cheek but it is not my call.
    Any UK readers should take a look at if they would like to purchase one of these paddles (or an an assortment of other stuff)

  4. I did not note that she was bridging cheeks on that lass. Interesting, when she paddles me it's one cheek at the time, just the way I paddle her.
    Perhaps that was a posed shot, rather than a live action shot? I can not recall.

  5. Yeeks Michael, that paddle is a serious one.

    I doubt I could take 30 with it.

    And all on one cheek! What have you gotten into Michael? We only do consensual spanking around here. The bottom lets the top know what is desired. Perhaps a new contract in the new year?

  6. That was a very informative post. You're so right about swats that are too high for (dis)comfort.


  7. A little late on this but I wanted to throw my two cents in on thicknes...
    A paddling that ultimately turns into a "bludgeoning" has an arousability factor of say, ZERO.
    For me anyway.
    Seems sometimes 1/2" vs. 1/4" is not always an improvement? Less is more?


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