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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Search Terms

According to the statistics captured by Stat Counter, the phrases that most often lead to this Blog are “spanking parties” and “spanking party”. Interesting as that is not a major topic here.

In a close second is the phrase “our bottoms burn”.

“paddled at school” is in third place. “f/m spanking” and “forced to wear panties” are tied at fourth place.

We could increase “hits” if we wrote posts to match these topics. But hits are not our goal. We are not selling anything here, so the number of eyeballs does not enter the equation of what to write. We just write what’s on our minds.

We could increase visits by using phrases like “hot wet Asian teens”, etc. But since we don’t write about those things, it would be dishonest to bring those with such interests here.

Activity has tripled since Spanking Universe listed us. I guess that is a good thing? I note that the number of Followers has also increased since Spanking Universe listed us.

For a topic, how about a spanking party at a school? Everyone is forced to wear panties and there would both m/f and f/m paddling. Sign me up.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi the School Spanking Party sounds like a good topic.
    A few years ago my partner and I went back to a reunion dinner and dance held at my old school.
    During the dancing we wandered off to look around the place. I showed her the headmaster's corridor where we would have to wait if were going to be caned for some prank or other. We went into a couple of the classrooms after that and I told her about the slipperings we got from some of the teachers.
    In one room she closed the door behind her and in a stern voice told me to bend over the desk.
    She didn't risk telling me to remove my trousers (unfortunately)
    but she did land some pretty hefty swats with her hand on my rear.
    It was all over in a few seconds but it has set the scene for many a session back at home.
    Young french teacher deals with lazy student is a popular session for both of us.
    Good luck with the topic.


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