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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Panties and Such

We posted two months that we had both gotten some new panties. Actually very light control girdles. We have enjoyed working our way through them – different colors and styles. Amazing how much fun we can have with some Lycra.

On Panties and Spanking

One of the first degrees of modesty a young girl learns is to not show
her panties, especially when boys are around. The training begins before she acquires any of the societal sexual taboos. it's
explained as something that "good girls don't do".

As she becomes sexually aware she is conflicted, her body wants her
panties off, but the now deeply instilled values demand they be
retained on - until Mr. Right comes along.

Girls love to decorate themselves not only with jewelry and makeup,
but with lingerie - with panties that more than utilitarian. They like
to wear panties that are designed to be seen in, yet they hide them -
except from Mr. Right.

I love to exploit this internal conflict – to show them, to not show them. I like to lean on the guilt and accommodate the desire.

Once the panties are in view, the game is only half over. She may feel naughty for allowing her panties to be seen, as they are covering that
which she has known since she was a girl is to be kept hidden. panties white

Funny how a piece of cloth can be so important.

How to remove them?
1) While OTK, and her face is hidden I can take them down, sparing
2) I can remove them while she is standing in front of me. Perhaps
with her hands on her head.
3) I can have her remove them while standing in front of me.
4) As above, but slowly roll them down.
5) Remove them completely and hand them to me.
6) As above, just before we leave for dinner.

And once down, it lecture time, just standing there bare assed and


  1. You may have hit the reason why we have so many adults with hang ups and problems.

  2. could be Rachel, but I really enjoy my hangup with panties. [smile]


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