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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The No Name Resort

The facility is set in the coastal trees and meadows, with a view of the ocean. The rooms are large and set in small groups in buildings scattered around the grounds.


Like most resorts, there is a pool and tennis courts, you can get a seaweed facial or a Shiatsu massage. But this resort offers services of a different nature as well. At the customers request, after the whole body message, a spanking can be administered, leaving a glow on the bottom in addition to the muscles. The resort has  a "full disciplinary staff". Guests might hear the sound of a paddle being applied to the bare bottom of an exhibitionist, taking a spanking over a spanking horse in the garden, only partly shielded by a hedge. 



For those with more private tastes, an appointment can be arranged with a staff disciplinarian, like Angela, for a in-room session.



About Our Accommodations

All rooms are large suites with a private courtyard. There is a formal garden and pool for each group of suites enclosed within a 10-foot brick wall.

bondage dungeon




All rooms are equipped with numerous and conveniently located eye straps and hooks on the walls and ceiling.





20021013046 debbie




Each room has a kneeling bench.




Special Decor Rooms

the paddle

The Principal’s Office  The outer office has a secretary who will embarrass you about the paddling you are going to get and then further embarrass you by witnessing your paddling. The inner office has a large wood desk to lean over, an equally large paddle and a principal who has a terrific forehand.




Adolescent Rooms - For those who miss parental discipline or for those who never got it - one each in pink and blue and two suites for troublesome teens.







Spankers and Spankees of both sexes are available for play. Appointments are made with the concierge.

One of our experienced staff, like John, can accommodate your unique needs.








Enjoy our trails and many outdoor activities






bottom so_many_and_only_two_hands


Each evening, during the complimentary cocktail hour in the courtyard, spanking games are conducted.



20040829119 debbie



All of the young men and women who serve the guests in the public areas wear tight white shorts or thong bikinis.





Teach me a lesson ruler




Our gift shop has a full complement of implements. Any may be used or “experienced” prior to purchase.





Call now to make your reservation


  1. Dear Sir or Madam
    We came across your hotel in a travelogue magazine and wondered if you have any vacancies over the Christmas holidays?
    We should like to know if you have any incentive programmes in your fitness suite as my husband needs to lose some weight (particularly after Christmas) and Angela looks like someone who could offer advice on this subject.
    Please advise on your room rates and availability.

  2. Fucking Awesome, is there a website or something where I could look at prices and location? Sounds like a great get away for my husband and I!

  3. And I hear they have a great Wine List...

  4. This sounds very interesting! Where is the resort located and how can we make reservations?
    Rachel Widget

  5. I love the naughty woman lying on the kneeling bench, what I could do with a cane on such a naughty ladies bare bottom. Yes, six of the best, six of the very best, would I apply to such a voluptous naked derriere. And with pleasure.


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