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Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let It Hang Out?

I saw this on Tickle My Bum.

I have this question concerning spanking etiquette. Should a man wear a thong which leaves his butt exposed, but contains his penis when he is being spanked? 

I saw in the protocols of one spanking organization, that they suggested the use of thongs at spanking parties.

This has been the custom at the parties we have attended for both males and females who were spanked in public areas.

In a private session with a new partner, I would think an agreement would be reached ahead of time.

I wear a thong sometimes when Becall is paddling me, especially when she is using the ruler on the front of my thighs. A mistake can hurt. Plus somehow the thong puts me in the proper frame of mind.

While on underwear, a fav topic with us; Becall stumbled on these Bjorn Borg briefs while surfing the other day.

bjorn borg2 bjorn borg1

Not quite our cup of tea, but they would win a be seen in the dark contest. And yes, they have them for the gals also

Wear a pair to your next spanking party. Why are panties/briefs a pair?

Bjorn Borg also has Lucky Underwear – to improve your chances. I will let you find them.


  1. Hi,

    thanks for the post.

    Can you recommend a thong?

  2. Hi there
    My partner prefers me to wear thong pants when I am being spanked or punished. She is not crazy about the view of man bits from behind and since many of the positions involve my bottom being higher than my head and my legs wide apart she has to look my inside crotch quite a lot. She also uses the tab of the riding crop on my genitals and likes to swot in a vigorous fashion. The pain on my testicles is intense and I think it is easier to take somehow if they are tightly wrapped in fabric. I usually wear a pair of black cotton thong pants (male version) but for special occasions I have to put on a female pair of support thong pants which have a high elastic front panel, a deep waistband and a wide thong strip. Even though these are ladies size 16 they are still exquisitely tight and I feel incredibly bad and sexy when I am in them.
    My wife swings the cane and paddle in a fiercer fashion when I am in these pants because she says the waistband gives her a better defined target area.
    Our advent calendar is going well. Day 17 is promised to be 17 with a large bathbrush. Ouch.
    See you around.

  3. Andy, finding a thong YOU like is personal thing. I would start by using Google.


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