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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Trip to the Woodshed

In older spanking literature, the use of a woodshed as a place of punishment is familiar. When homes were smaller, rural and woodsheds more common, I have no doubt they were frequently employed.

At private spanking parties we have attended, everyone got excited if there was any structure that could be used as a woodshed; guest’s cottages and pool houses all worked.

Only once have Becall and I had use of a real woodshed, a separate structure, for storage of firewood, but that also had an area that was large enough to deliver a spanking. That was one popular building that weekend as couples took their turns walking the path to the woodshed.

I suspect more than a few readers would like to experience being sent to the woodshed to await discipline. Having to prepare themselves. Looking at the paddle and the strap hanging on the wall. Waiting.



  1. Ah the woodshed! So many stories have been written about spankings in the woodshed.
    I was once told to equip our garden shed with implements, which I did, but it has only ever been used the once in anger,sad to say. My wife felt self conscious giving me bare bottom spanking in a shed.
    The implements are still there - I made them so that you could not immediately guess what they might be used for. They all look as though they should be in a shed. I will leave them if we ever sell the place and then I can imagine them being used by a new couple.
    Still I have some great woodshed stories in my mind which I can call upon anytime I want.

    Happy spanking - I am due one tonight so I am a litle over excited as it has been a week or so.

  2. We once spent a holiday in a rented country cottage. It had a outbuilding, a good way off, maybe 70 yards. It was probably technically a barn, but the store of fire wood was kept there although K didn't know that when she instinctively called it the woodshed.

    I got several spankings that holiday, all of them in the woodshed. Being marched upstairs is nothing on a trip to the woodshed in terms of anticipation and ritual; this always began with corner time in the kitchen, then an escorted walk across the garden to take my smacks in quite privacy at the bottom of the garden, then escorted back for more cornertime in the kitchen.

    Although we were the only ones in the house it was all too easy to imagine how other occupants might have sat out on the veranda watching the miscreant led off, imagining what was happening, straining their ears to hear and then observing his/her all too public return......

    No wonder its such an evocative term!


  3. 'A Trip to the Woodshed', conjours up many a naughty woman's journey to be corporally punished in rural areas. Yes, be she a naughty wife, daughter, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, niece, maid, female cook, or nanny. A trip to the woodshed, were these all these females commanded to visit. Yes, with having to bare their bottoms, to be corporally punished with the hand, paddle, birchrod, cane or whip.


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