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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, November 20, 2009

Self Spanking

I think anyone that enjoys being spanked, has spanked themselves at some time. I know I did – when I was young and without a partner.

My technique was to use a long handled bath brush that could reach both cheeks with either hand. I would stand and deliver swats to myself as hard as I could. They were never hard enough. My bottom would get numb before I was satisfied.

Of course, the paddling always made the blood flow a little more and Mr. Happy would get so hard a cat could not scratch him.

I am sure my jaw dropped the first time a woman told me she spanked herself. My gosh, women were doing the same thing I was doing? She told me about the locked box that held her paddles and vibrators. She told me that she would get on her hands and knees on her bed and pop her backside with a paddle. She must have done a good job, because she sure could take whatever I gave her and ask for more.


I Goggled self spanking and was actually surprised at the number of personal accounts. Here are a few links, if you are interested.

Tiggr, Patty, Pixie, Ash Self Spank Videos, and a self spanking video with a bath brush. I am not at all sure of the sex of the spanker/spankee. Guessing male. Looks like he? is just trying out the brush, since it still has the tag on it.

PS Several times I year, when I tell Becall I am going to paddle her, she tells me not to bother she will do it for me. She will get a paddle, bare her bottom and wack away. I like to watch her and she knows I do. She does a darn good job. But in the end, I give her a hand.


  1. I take it self-spanking is the new self-injury. I cannot wait for the Lifetime movie.

  2. Your comment went right past me Noodles. Perhaps because I don't watch Lifetime?

  3. Hi there
    I certainly self spanked when I was younger and now I self spank when I am in the need or when one of us is travelling. I take myself off to the garage and paddle myself quite hard. If nobody is in the house then I too favour the bath brush - it has the length which when combined with a flexible wrist flick can deliver a hefty smack pretty much any where on my bottom and upper legs.
    In hotels it is more difficult to use smacking things because of the noise so if I am feeling in the need for a sore bottom I take off the lower bar of a wooden clothes hangar and use that. I once left a piece of dowel like this and a spanking magazine in my bed when I left the room in the morning and I found them placed neatly on the bedside table that evening. Talk about embarrassed. I checked out at about 5am the next morning so that I did not have to face any of the day staff.
    Take care - I will now go and give myself 12 in the garage for taking so much time writing this comment.

  4. Although not meant to come across as negative, "I give her a hand" was (for me) the best part of the post from both a literary as well as visual (using my imagination) standpoint.
    Well done Bacall...

  5. While traveling, I use a belt. It reaches around quite nicely and is relatively quiet. It does, however, require more than a usual amount of concentration to insure accuracy. An extended session has the capacity to be quite intense.

  6. Michael,
    you should'nt be embarrassed about your motel incident. I have a cousin and aunt that work in motels. They said they've found much, much worse left in rooms

  7. Cousin debs said.......
    I self spank my behind when I am alone with my hand,brush, and whatever else I can find to make small to
    medium bruise on my behind and so that it stings a bit.


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