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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Thursday, November 26, 2009

His Paddles

We mention our paddles in the Blog, so I thought I would introduce you to a few of them. These two have been my favs for the last few years. The top one we call the Principal’s paddle, since it is like the ones I felt all the way through school. It’s pine and a 1/2 inch thick. It has both thud and sting, I would say 35% thud. I made this paddle many years ago. Becall usually starts with this one and gives me from 6 to 12 licks depending on her whim. I don’t want warmup licks, so it’s like the paddlings I got in school, except on the bare bottom.


The lower paddle is newer. I made it only a few years ago. It’s birch wood, light and thin at 3/8 inch. This one is a bottom scorcher, it’s all burn, plus it has after sting. Becall normally uses this one after the Principal’s paddle and gives me a dozen or so with it.

It’s often difficult to stay in position for either one. But, I do try. My bottom is always red and burning after she finishes with me. I do love it so.

Next, Becall’s paddles.

Enjoy the Holiday!


  1. Hi there.
    Thereis nothing like a paddle for that all over glow. Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully you will have some holiday spankings to recount.
    In the UK this weekend is not celebrated but I can certainly understand your wish to be thankful that you are in the good old U.S. of A. and not a resident of some other country.
    For our part we thank you guys for winning two world wars and for sorting out the USSR and for saving our oil reserves by taking over Iraq. We send you our grateful thanks for keeping the rest of us safe by doing what you are doing in Afghanistan. I only wish the rest of the world would back you up.
    Michael London UK

  2. Awesome....I'd love to give them a try!

  3. That means a lot to me Michael. Thanks! And here's to the men and women who will not sleep that well tonight so that we may.

  4. Realiti, you did not say which side of the paddle you would like to try, so I guess that means both sides.

  5. Paddles are one of the few things in life that can be displayed and not require a single word.
    The words that accompanied however only added to an already enticing post.
    Trust me when I say that, many would "love to give them a try!"
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


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