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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Male Orgasm Makes Kink Index Negative

Spankable Husband discovers that after orgasm his interest in spanking is less than zero. I would strongly agree with that. I have long suggested that men who want to be spanked for punishment, first masturbate and then immediately take their licks. That would prove to their partners they are really serious about improving their behavior.

On a Blog that I can not recall, it was related that the wife was not going to spank him for his repeated misbehavior. She said she would not spank him until his behavior improved. Bingo! I have often kidded with “brats” that I would not spank them if they kept acting like a three year old. It always instantly produced a change in behavior.

I think I will keep on enjoying my paddlings with a boner.


Fun, But Not Discipline

Alas, orgasm does not reduce a females’ need for spanking or in many cases the need for another orgasm.


  1. Without doubt having an orgasm before a canining or strokes of the paddle makes it a lot harder to bear the pain. The old endorphins have all been wasted by the rush of semen and they have no energy to gather round tyhe red ass at the back.I regret telling this to my wife a few years back because, as you say, she now uses this information against me when she wants to punish rather than just accomodate my spanking needs.
    Regrettably age counts against me on the erection side.
    At one time just the word spank or her hand on my bare butt would have me at attention out front. Now it takes a lot more effort but the fact that a thrashing is more pleasurable before orgasm is still as true as ever. If only endorphins could do work in the penis as effectively as they do in the bottom.
    Enjoy your boners whilst you can.

  2. Thanks for sharing your candid account.

  3. When Hank is being punished for behaving badly with me I alwys have him release first then I administer the brings true repentance


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