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Foolishness since 2007

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Joe Shares His Passion for Spanking

A few weeks ago, I was enjoying a dialog with one of the readers, Joe.

He wrote this, which said to me that we shared like tastes in spanking.

.....nothing (for me) can substitute or compare to sharing the bond that just exudes sexual tension and
anticipation. Throw the paddle in, and you have touched off what is the ultimate in the type of spanking/paddling that energizes me.

I wrote him back with an offer: If you want to send us a story that embodies those elements, we would publish it with whatever attribution you want.

I did not get a story, but rather, well you read it.

I will preface this with two "disclaimers", for lack of a better word.

The first is that spanking fiction is one facet that I have never gravitated to.

The second is that although I think the varied sources that dabble in spanking do serve some purpose, I would encourage all those (especially women) to explore using sources created by everyday people who share in their passion.

Although I knew early on that I had an interest in spanking, my journey to learn more started around 1985. Despite getting paddled on two occasions in Catholic School, my experiences to date come from administering.

Initially I was surprised by the number of females that were like me, looking to play. An average white male who was rounded in his life, an eager (lol) made me a reliable candidate to some extent.

Never did I put myself in the category of S&M or dom or submissive. Clearly when giving a spanking, opportunities present themselves based on simple human nature, to be dominant. Being sadistic is not a trait that I can ever remember being present. Lustful toward a spanked bottom; absolutely.

One of the most satisfying experiences I can relay was with someone I met under "normal" circumstances. It was not until several conversations that spanking came up during a conversation about sex. The more we talked, the more we both got more stimulated. Crazy as this sounds, it was in mid sentence that Michelle turned around and stuck her rear end towards me and said something to the effect of; "let's see".

Her wish of being paddled that she had kept to herself for a long time seemed almost too good to be true; for both us. Sadly on this occasion as everything was impromptu, no paddle was on hand. The spanking, and sex that followed however; easy. I say easy because often that first encounter beyond foreplay (for me anyway) has some hurdles.

The hand spanking I gave Michelle was sound as her behind was nicely red, but also very heavy on the erotic side. Although I made sure that rubbing was the only thing I allowed myself to do as to not spoil the spanking, her body made it clear that the spanking was priming her for more.

Unfortunately more time than we both would have liked passed before the next opportunity. It was worth the wait! It was funny in that I made sure I had a paddle ready. Michelle showed up with one as well. Bending her over the back of the sofa I initially gave her 10 or 12. They were all solid, and when the first crack of that wood paddle made contact with her behind, I knew it was what she anticipated, as well as feared. She stood up and faced my fireplace (sadly no fire was burning as it was summer) and although she was not crying, her face looked like she might have wanted to. I put my arms around her and as we began to kiss I realized she was soaked. We once again experienced the most gratifying sex.

Out of sequence perhaps, but we then ordered pizza. Sorry if this seems lacking in the romance department.

Less than an hour after finishing, she was leaning on her knees toward my couch preparing to take the paddle. This time we talked allot. She was fresh, sassy, swearing, giggling, you name it. In between swats, her bottom was fingered along with a great deal of play in general. Tension was very high. Her bottom at this point was marked like I wanted to frame it and hang it.

Not to contradict myself as it pertains to role play, but there was a great deal of back & forth that I would not call role play, but most likely would be interpreted as such by others?

The bond was the best I ever experienced in all my years of spanking. Michelle also did something over the ensuing months that I did not think was possible. She opened my mind up to finding myself on the other side of the paddle. Honestly she had me so hot, horny and bothered, I think I was as excited about getting it, as I ever was about giving it. To keep this no longer than it already is, I will leave it as circumstances never allowed her to give me that dose of the paddle. ;0(

In closing I would say that I have not been a good boyfriend over the years. The classic example of a workaholic who always made "some time", but never had gotten the whole priority thing. Now at 46 I find myself looking to make that connection that I know I will recognize and more importantly appreciate.

My tip (especially for women), is to not pigeonhole yourself into thinking you can only take the spanking/paddling. To share fun, enjoy sex, and experience imaginative times, I now realize splitting the time of that paddle handle is what life is all about.

Joe Angelotti

Why not write Joe, if only to wish him well.

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