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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, November 23, 2009

Did you miss your thrashing tonight?

I found the Blog post about the wife that figured out that withholding spanking might work better than spanking. I neglected to note the name of the Blog. 

At bed time, my wife turned to me with "Did you miss your thrashing tonight" to which I responded that I had.

My wife then went on to say she had considered various punishments to get me back in line but in the end decided that lack of any punishment would work better. She explained that she was fed up having to keep reminding me what was expected and we have reached a stage where I either get with my role or we stop playing it.


Here at Our Bottoms Burn, we have rededicated ourselves to being good to each other so we can keep on getting spanked.


This photo has nada to do with this post.

 panties white

But it has everything to do with what I enjoy. I have always been amazed that women know how to dress for a spanking. Even when we say nothing about dress. They know what we want. Bless them!

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  1. Having to wait for a promised spanking is difficult.
    On a few occasions my wife has promised a paddle or a cane session "tomorrow" and then not come through with it. If I am then grumpy and I tell her why she says
    that that was my punishment - not having a seeing to.
    A couple of days later she might relent and spring a session on me - usually adding extra strokes and telling me not try bottoming from the top.
    You can't win with women.
    Nice picture - white knickers and plaid skirts are just too much for guys to cope with without rushng off to somewhere quiet.


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