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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Too Much Role Play?

In a private dialog I am having, the other party wrote “Too much theatrics/role play (for me anyway) takes away from the spankings themselves.”

That hit me two ways. First, Becall and I both enjoy role play. We don’t do it a lot, but sometimes when we do, it’s great. We have also enjoyed role play with others with excellent success.

However, here’s where the other shoe drops and what the comment made me realize. I enjoy playing a role with a person, once, maybe twice and after that it is stale and boring.

Have you experienced that?



Too much role play for Bat Girl?

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  1. I suppose if you run through the same scenario over and over then it watching Cassablanca for the 100th time, even that gets stale. But if the role scenario changes....maybe not.

    I had a girlfriend a long while ago who I used to play "headmasters study" with. That got dull quite quickly so we wrote out 15 or so notes to the Headmaster. They were all sealed and when we went to play we'd pull one at random out of a bag. V wouldn't know when she came into the study what she was in for, neither would I until she handed over the note so we both had improvise once the envelope was was note was a commendation for good behavior, another was a request for permission to go to the local shop to buy a new pen ( in uniform) I snuck those in without V knowing to make the outcomes more interesting!!

    Thnaks fro recent input ot the "Bat" debate, and this picture is strangley appropriate!! I do like this artits work I've got several of superhero drawings, they are very good.........oh and no I don't think I'd get tired of playing batman to this bat girl!!




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