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Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Asking for a spanking

Bonnie recently had a Brunch on ways to ask for a spanking. I neglected to check MBS in time to ring in. In the early days of our marriage, this was a dilemma for me. I expected Becall to read my mind and paddle me when and how I wanted it. This was never a problem for her, as she always spoke up if she felt needy. It took me years to get my mind twisted around and ask for what I wanted. It sure has gone better for me since I abandoned the expectation of mind reading.
I liked how one lass responded: .. I just plonk myself over his lap and tell him I need a spanking.
OTOH, there were several women who said asking for a spanking spoils it for them.
…I have to "deserve" it, by misbehaving in some way.
…I need to "deserve it" also. I will not just ask. What's the fun in that? I'll "misbehave" in some fashion that I know will get me spanked.
It seems that males who like to bottom also like the excuse of needed punishment rather than asking for it judging by the Blogs and stories I have read.
I understand. Been there. But, I have come to prefer the openness of expressing what I want to get and what I want to give. Most of our sessions start with one of us saying what we want or what we propose to give. This is sometimes followed by a counter-proposal. I suppose this is called topping from the bottom, but it is what we have come to enjoy.
Bonnie closed with what I consider some sage advise: …I still occasionally bring him a paddle. There's something to be said for being clear and direct.

*** *** ***
Last week Becall said she wanted a joint action paddling this week. This morning over coffee, she asked me if it would be convenient to do in the morning before she goes to the doctor. We made a date.


  1. Ok Bogey ,ya got me. Just what is a "joint action paddling"?
    Been surfing spanking sites since 92 and never come across that one.

    Some spanking blogs are disapearing in the last few weeks. Hope you keep this one going.


  2. I ask. We agree on the time and the place.

    We get dressed/undressed, have a few moments of quiet time alone, prepare ourselves.

    I bring the implements, usually household items, plus a small paddle.

    I am over her lap, bare bottomed, her skirt rising just a bit. She takes care of business.

    I am so, so grateful.

  3. Putt, Joint Action is a term Becall coined to describe those times when we paddle each other during the same session.

  4. Bogey,Thanks for clarifying "Joint Action Paddeling for me.

    The wife and I used to do something we called the Hot Dog Buns, when we were younger. It was stand up sex, faceing each other, both armed with a paddle ball type paddle. It was kinda hard to hit the sweet spot like this but the one that climaxed first was the loser, but what a way to lose, but if I lost the woodie before she climaxed I"d have to go OTK for a serious butt warming.

  5. That sounds like fun to me! Stand up sex is difficult for us due to our different heights.

    So Putt, did you always lose the game?

  6. About 75% of the time back then but I was able to "hold up" to the task at hand before the sting got to mr. handy. Just a few time did I have a sore tush the next day.

    We're 2" apart in height. (lucky us) so we never had a problem with vertical sex.

    Like the new look. Got to check in more often.



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