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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, September 11, 2009

This picture has nothing to do with spanking???

It has a lot to do with spanking for me. Many times Becall has assumed this pose, mostly sitting on my desk. Daring me to paddle her. So far, it has worked every time for her.

not a spanking picture

Rachel & aj commented You are a very lucky man to read her hints and respond correctly.

I am a lucky man. Becall is equally lucky. We are in tune with each other in more ways than spanking. But, her hints are as subtle as a Army Airborne landing. This sure helps me. She knows wants she wants and she is not shy about letting me know. I try to do likewise with her.

Flashing stocking tops indicates she wants to play naughty secretary. This need happens three or four times a year. She dresses much like the woman in the photograph and perches on the corner of my desk exposing herself. She proceeds to tell me she is too old to be spanked, yatayata. I keep a few toys in my desk. One is short cane. When she has almost finished explaining to me how I will not spank her ever again I spread her legs and slowly and carefully give her a thigh fry. Once this starts, she fully cooperates by leaning back on her hands behind her giving me room to switch the inside of her legs.

After a dozen or so with the cane, I have her bend over the desk and I paddle her rear end. These sessions are more severe than our usual. But, I know what she expects after all these years and I try to deliver.

Some people like knife play. I find an ordinary pair of scissors can add a little something to the play scene. I just cut her panties to allow access. My desk is just the right height for me to enter her while she lays on the desk top. Good thing I always have a next desktop isn’t it?


  1. You are a very lucky man to read her hints and respond correctly. Many a male does not understand or have a good relationship with his lady. With coaching we women learn the hints also for you boys.
    Rachel & aj

  2. I agree you are both lucky! What fun. Re: knife play, I friend of mine uses those bamboo skewers. With a blindfold on, a skewer is very exciting. Of course, so is having your panties cut off!


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