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Friday, September 4, 2009

Passion and Spanking

We spent the weekend with Bonnie and Randy. Friday night after dinner, Bonnie came into the living room looking captivating in her cheerleader outfit. Her points were firm and high. She held her sorority paddle in her left hand. She sat next to me on the couch and asked me if I was ever going to ask to paddle her. On the behalf of a million other men, I gladly accepted her kind offer. She bent over and I cracked the paddle on her luscious bottom.


POOOF! OK, that was a dream.

Now while I am sure it would give me some pleasure to paddle Bonnie. I really doubt the experience would be much more than enduring the pain of the paddle for her. Why? Well she has stated, many times, that for her it only works with Randy. And while it might be fun for me to paddle her, I really doubt it would be all that special since we have developed no emotions, no love, no trust, etc.

You remember those kisses when you both had your tongues down each others throats and you suddenly felt like a gallon of assorted hormones had been poured into you and all you wanted to do was to melt into the other, and clothes were flying right and left. That does not happen with every person you kiss. While most kisses are quite warm and pleasurable and one can get aroused, I think few of them are over-the-top. Maybe a dozen partners in a lifetime? Probably less.

I think it is the same way with spanking. With different partners, the experience can range from that did nothing for me, to lots of fun, to I went into orbit. When both feel the same way, then it is something you will never forget or get enough of. Becall and I can still, on occasion, make a spanking session as exhilarating as our first kiss.

Spanking parties can be fun. You can meet some great people with like interests. I think this can make you feel better about yourself. I think you will also ‘kiss a lot of frogs”. It’s really difficult for both to reach the emotional state needed to really enjoy a spanking with a stranger. I suspect this would be the case with Bonnie and I. [And no I am not suggesting she is frog, that would be me]

Becall and I have enjoyed other spanking partners, but it has been rare that it was not a frog. I think she has had more fun OTK than I have. Perhaps only due to the fact that the number of women who spank men is much less than the other way around. Most of the woman I have bent over for, I had high expectations based on emails and phone conversations. But, when the paddle met the bottom, it was sometimes less than inspiring.

Oh sure it has been lots of fun lifting skirts and seeing the underwear that she wanted me to see. And it’s equal fun to pull the panties down. If the spanking works for either of us depends, I think on the chemistry between us. Much like those fervent kisses.

*** *** ***

I trust this post is good taste, else Randy might be looking for me.


  1. Hi Bogey,

    Well, imagine my surprise! It's not as though I've never been paddled while dressed in a cheerleader uniform, it's just...

    Randy won't be looking for you because your point is excellent. Just as with your kissing analogy, there is definitely a chemistry between spanker and spankee. When it works, the experience is meaningful and memorable. When it doesn't, it's just another pain in the butt.

    In any case, you definitely got my attention!


  2. Oh my goodness Bogey, you really had me going. Since I know that you and Becall have spanked with others I wondered how you had convinced Bonnie and Randy to join you.

    I have only limited spanking experience as both spanker and spankee. However, I agree. I have wondered at finding spanking parties to attend but just don't know if it would be my thing to spank just anybody.

    F and I built trust long before we met and neither were disappointed at the spankings dates we had. We both think spanking should be fun and so we made it that way.

    Love the kissing analogy and I see what you mean regards my latest post. It is delicious and can be overwhelming with the right person.



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