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Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spanking as Punishment

I have written about adult spanking as punishment several times. In fact, one of the first posts was “Don’t Bring Mom Into This” in August of 2007. Perhaps this will be my final thoughts on the matter?

Almost certainly, the most popular F/M Blog is Spanked Hubby. He usually omits the reason for his frequent chastisements, but he declares that he deserves them and that he encourages his wife to spank him harder to facilitate his learning to behave. He also acknowledges that he frequently has an erection when he is punished, but an intense session momentarily softens his ardor. He confesses that making up, including sex, normally follows punishment.

I have suggested to him that he likes to be spanked and his convincing his wife about his need for punishment is little more than deception. He acts up to get spanked and then enjoys sex. I further suggested to him that if he really wanted punishment he should masturbate just before his spanking. Nothing cools out a man more than orgasm. So far he has silently rejected my suggestion.

I wrote about this last February Adult Spanking as Discipline and again last May Adult Spanking as Discipline Sequel

My view of the futility of adult spanking as punishment

Women, having the ability for multiple orgasms, cannot be chilled out by masturbation before punishment. A woman must be repentant for a spanking to be of any effect. Some women, self-styled brats, act out to get spanked. They are never really remorseful. They enjoy acting like three year olds throwing a tantrum. They want to be spanked and they have worked a mechanism to make it happen. I wrote about this last November This is Punishment?

Male or female, in both cases we have adults acting out to elicit a punishment normally reserved for children which is followed by making up. They like to be spanked, but need the “cover” of punishment in order for it to be acceptable to them and to their mate.

Western culture is far more accepting of M/F spanking for inappropriate behavior than F/M spanking. Perhaps western culture values women for acting submissive, even if they are in fact dominate. This creates an imbalance in supply and demand. I think there are about as many men, as women, who are fond of being spanked. However, women who grew up acting submissive and seeking a dominate male to look after them find it takes a lot of mind twisting to reverse roles and spank a man. Most will not consider it. They feel it would take something from themselves.

My Bottom Smarts recently listed some new spanking Blogs. I looked at My Thoughts on Spanking & Discipline and learned how the how the "Formal Thank You" helps a HOH relationship. That’s right readers, she advocates a blow job, as a non-sexual act of course, as an appropriate way of expressing thanks after punishment.

All this to say, we all enjoy spanking, but it is a varied activity with colossal differences in tastes. Some I will never understand.


  1. Dear Bogey
    You are fortunate to have a partner who is as keen a spanko as you are and you can therefore indulge in paddling pretty much on demand. There is nothing nicer than a paddle across one's bottom as a warm up to sex.
    Some of us, however, are not so lucky. My wife will not let me near her with a paddle or cane and I have managed to give her only about a dozen hand spankings in twenty years of marriage.
    She knows that spanking is a big thing we me so we have come up with punishment spankings as our solution. This saves her the bother of getting dressed up as a Mistress for a play session and she is very diligent about dealing with me at least two or three times a week. Over the years I have become the submissive in our relationship inside the house and she takes full advantage of this.
    She is very happy to paddle,strap, whip and cane me and is very cooperative about making time for my punishments. The result is that I get what I need and she can see the point of it. There is never any question of sex afterwards. She just leaves the room and tells me to tidy up.Whilst I might wish for a partner who was more into spanking, I certainly can't complain and count myself as one of the lucky ones.

    Best wishes

  2. Just like Michael I am a male bottom. We all have different needs and desires and as long as the marriage works with your agreement that's a good thing. I do not believe everyone needs to understand what others are doing. Just be happy your spanko needs are being fulfilled

  3. When I first got into spanking, punishment spanking was something that I thought I wanted, but then as I went along, I realised I wanted it too much.

    Spanking as a consequence for bad behavior doesn't really work for me, because it does nothing to discourage it.

    I do enjoy all the "you've been naughty" talk, but talk is all it really is.

    Spanking is too much fun for me to take seriously anymore. :)

  4. We are biased, but we agree with you that “Spanking as a consequence for bad behavior doesn't really work for me, because it does nothing to discourage it.”

    It reminds me of Brer Rabbitt saying “….please, Brer Fox, don't fling me in dat brier-patch”.

    Hope you get your paddle repaired!


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