Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, February 23, 2009

I got paddled and I liked it

We have not been recording our paddle sessions for the last month or so. Most of them have been joint action sessions; Becall acquired an affinity for them last year. Like all things, this will change, but for now, it is working for both of us.

Yesterday was different. I was feeling really in need of the paddle. I asked her for a hard paddling and she gave me one I will remember. She started with two-dozen licks on my thighs with the batten. The session was in the morning. The stripes persisted until bedtime. Next came a dozen or so on my bare bottom with the principal’s paddle. Becall put maximum body English into each swat and I had some difficulty staying in my bent over position.

Next came a new combination. She was going to use the Myrtlewood OTK. This paddle packs more sting than a swarm of hornets and she was going to use it after the judicious application of a heavy paddle. Yeeks! As regular readers know, paddling me over her lap is her favorite and my least fav position. I don’t like to disappoint my much-loved paddler, so without dissent I arranged myself over her lap, resolute in mind to take my licks with decorum. I don’t think she had gotten to six licks before my resolve vanished and I was imploring her for mercy. As typical, she ignored me and persisted to paddle me without stoppage. I continued to try to take my licks without much success. When she thought I was about to “crush her kneecap” she stopped. I know she would have liked to continue, but she has never been one to tussle or hold me down.

I was on fire and felt well paddled. We then engaged in other some congenial activities.

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  1. Bogey, it all sounds delicious. How yum it is to be able to give a man a good hard spanking.



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